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Why would she stop talking to me?


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This is probably the last thing I'd do, but I'm fairly close to this forum, and I might as well just post my issue here, because you guys are really understanding, and a good bunch of people, so here goes.

I started talking to this girl on facebook, she looked familiar, and I was sure I knew who she was, we talked for a while on facebook, and than I asked for her number, as a friend of course, and she gives it to me only as a friend, she made that very clear, which was cool with me anyways, I'm all for friendship, regardless if it's a girl or boy, but anyways...she gives me her number, and than begins the non stop texting....we text, text, text...it got crazy, and we genuinely got closer and closer.

I only met her 2 days, she asks me to go shopping with her, I went along with her, was pretty cool with it, she turned out to be a fairly nice person, and it was just cool. Turns out she lives just a couple of streets away from me, and a bigger mindblow was that she was my cousin lol...which really made no difference.

We eventually hung out, had jamming sessions, and had a really fun time. I found myself thinking about her alot. We were that close, closer than close, as family of course. Than it was about a few weeks later, where I kept contacting her via text and facebook, where she just wasn't replying back.

She was online, but I just wondered why she wasn't replying back. I kept contacting her and contacting her...until she sent me an inbox message...saying "Stop trying to contact me, I don't want your friendship, now just leave me alone".

My question is, what would stop her from talking to me, after all this time? I assure you I have done nothing to offend her, I've done nothing at all to make her act this way, but the one thing I can't help but feel is that perhaps I was just being too annoying...

Perhaps she got bored of talking to me, which could be another reason...so what do you guys think? I'm not here complaining or anything, I just want to know why? There's no definite answer, but I just wanna see what you guys think. And I won't lie, it hurt :( It hurt pretty badly, that after all we've been through, this happens.

Thanks if you took the time to read this and comment :)


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Maybe it was a similar situation to what you experienced? She was feeling ya, and then figuring out that you're cousins could have frustrated her or creeped her out about the situation. That's my best guess with the given info.


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Unity gave my answer.

To me, it sounds like she may really like you but is bothered by the fact that you're related. She may feel ashamed or disturbed about it. Also, how did you not know she was your cousin? Is your family a bit separated?


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Have you asked her?

I used to talk daily to a person and we hang out just as much then one day he just stopped talking to me and didn't give me a reason. I "let it go" but it did make me wonder for years! We had an occasion to talk again 15 years after and that was the first thing I asked. He said he was young and stupid, haha.

I guess what I'm saying is that you can only speculate why and until you know the real answer it might make you wonder even for years. I say you simply request to give you the reason why, while promising to respect her wishes that you won't contact her again after that. You'll feel more at ease having some kind of closure/explanation than trying to pursue her and pushing her further away (which might ruin your chances of ever knowing what really happened).

Either that, or would you have a common friend or someone you know who is close to her that can ask about it?


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Sometimes people just go off you and you don't know why, I've had that happen to me with someone I cared a great deal about. Sometimes there's just nothing we can do except accept the inevitable. The only thing you can really do is ask her the reason why and hope she decides to give you an answer.


We can't give you an answer because you should know it better than us. Just like Ysabel said, we could keep on speculating for days with no definite answer.
You should try to let her know you the reason of her behavior, then I guess you should give up.
These situations happen a lot. I'm not surprised. Maybe she heard something bad about you from friends or any relatives.


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Don't ask us, ask her. You're probably missing something/misinterpreting so it doesn't help you to ask us because we only get your side of the story.


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Friend, there are a number of factors that could possibly contribute to your situation. These of course would be speculations as she is probably the only one who could furnish you with the real reason behind her action or lack thereof. So, it is futile to even make a good analysis of this situation.
You should probably give her some space and allow time to make things more apparent or ask a close relative or friend of hers to assist you in getting this issue resolved.


The Rock is cooking atm..
Thanks for replying guys, I sort of forgot about this thread. She wasn't weirded out about us being cousins, she was actually relieved, so she doesn't have to make up excuses to her parents about hanging out with a guy. We're friends, cousins, whatever that's all.

My parents knew we were cousins, but I didn't lol...her parents apparently are her aunts and uncles on her fathers side it seems, I'm related to her from her mothers side...

I've asked her before as to why...and she just flat out gave me a "Leave me alone, I've asked you nicely". I think it's best I honor her request, but not knowing why is annoying me.

Just today I was waiting for the train to come, and there she was waiting for it too...before we'd used to talk on the station, but now it's just separation. Pretty much a "I don't know you, so I'm going to stand over here".

It sucks though, this feeling...felt it better just to tell you guys, and it's definitely brought me some form of relief. Maybe some day she'll tell me, but at this point in time, I think I've annoyed her too much by texting her and so on...I think I will go by the friends path and just get someone to ask, but dang wouldn't that make the situation worse? lol.

All in all, thanks to everyone for replying, you guys are awesome :)


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it would have been a completely different situation if you were not related where i would tell you to just show up at her house and ask her to her face or just ask to talk with her but it would be a lot different if you weren't related.