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Why we like what we like...


Creeping On You
I'm always questioning why I like things. I'll tell myself I like corn, but why do I like corn? Well, I like how it's a bit of a crunch as you bite, with a little squirt from the juicy inner of the kernel. I love eating corn because I enjoy that texture when I'm chewing. Now, why do I enjoy that texture?

I get about that far and then I stump myself. I can't for the life of me figure out why I like that certain thing. Obviously I'm not just talking about corn lol.

Maybe there's a type of music I like, and I like it because it has certain aspects. Why does a song having those aspects make me like it? Well, because I like to hear that type of thing in a song. Why do I like to hear that type of thing? Because it makes me feel good. Why does it make me feel good...?

See, I work myself in a corner!

What about yourselves? Have you tried to figure out why you like what you like about certain things that you like? Or am I just crazy and thinking way too much about things?


Sally Twit
You're not crazy but I can't say I've ever thought about this. It's like thinking about where we came from. I say to myself if the world didn't exist where or what would we be? You can't say nothing because nothing IS something. That always gets my brain hurting.


Registered Member
One of my brothers knows why he likes olives. When he was younger, everyone else in the family (me and my parents) all liked them, so even though he hated them, as a toddler he'd force himself to eat them to be like us. He taught himself to like them - and got to the point where he liked them even more than us.


The only time when I question myself why I like something is when it comes to songs.
For example, I never used to listen to pop-rock but recently I've started listening to this genre and I wonder why I like it now and what I like in a certain song that others don't seem to like.


Hell, It's about time!
I really think pleasure gets into the chemistry of the brain. Everyone's brain is programmed different, and I believe it has a lot to do with our environment and how we are raised.

For example, I love asian food... and not just westernized asian food, real asian food. The reason is, is because I lived in Asia for 5 years. I got used to it, and began to like it because it was pleasurable and tasty. My brain processed that as pleasure which links to liking something. Someone who may not have lived there or ever tried exotic asian cuisine may see it and find it repulsive because their brain is programmed to "think" it's gross and it will tell the person to not eat it, thus not liking it.
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/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Exposure and experience. I noticed some of the music I like was based on it being familiar to me like albums played over and over again when I was young and I guess mom infected me (second hand fan). It's one example of exposure. As for experience, I'll take the same example of music - there are albums I hated listening too because I've heard too much of them when I was young and my experience was unpleasant. So growing up, I just remember that experience and tend to dislike the albums for no other reason than that.