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Why was Duke Nukem Forever s**t?


aka ginger warlock
Source: The Register

Game developer Gearbox has put together an online survey asking for feedback on its widely-panned game Duke Nukem Forever.
When the shooter was released in June after 14 years of delay after delay and almost unflagging anticipation, it was hit by stonkingly bad reviews.
So it seems that gearbox are actually willing to listen to their fanbase and I for one congratulated them. I have not played DNF and to be honest I don't intend to but I love that GB are prepared to do this. Did you buy DNF? Will you be filling this out?


I was pretty excited for this game & even pre-ordered it. It was bad. No matter how many times I sat down & tried to get into it, I just couldn't. I ended up trading it in a few weeks after buying it.

I'll fill it out.


For a Free Scotland
It's a relic from an older, inferior age of shooters. It was sort of shined up, but its age seriously shows.


Haters gonna hate.
It was poop because it was rushed to the market and still had 3D Realm's signature all over it.

And it was too derogatory towards women. Unacceptable.


For a Free Scotland
And it was too derogatory towards women. Unacceptable.
Lighten up. It was over-the-top and a parody. And it was rated "M".

R-rated movies have the same content, so they all get a pass too? Or are we just going to rail on the media?


Where is my Queen?
This game was horrible. I remember hearing about the release date here on this forum and we were all excited saying that we were going to call in sick and play this game all week. All of the hype and all we got was 60 bucks in the hole.


Problematic Shitlord
And it was too derogatory towards women. Unacceptable.
Twilight is far more derogatory if you really pay attention to it.

The problems are simple but many. DNF was a game that was in development for nearly a decade. They constantly scrapped and rebuilt and the project went through so many goofs and personnel changes that it was impossible to get consistent work on it. Then, 3D Realms had some serious financial problems and then a year or so ago, Gearbox got the rights and began chugging. Because Duke was and still is such a beloved character, gamers rightfully have felt betrayed and abused for waiting so long for a game that they kept getting promised.

Think of it like a relationship where your partner replies, "Don't worry, we're going to Hawaii" and it just never happens and whenever you bring it up, they smile and tell you "OH any day now, ANY DAY!" It feels like abuse.

I think many bloggers, critics and gamers predicted what would happen and that is the game tanking. The game itself really is not bad, it's an older style of gaming and people hate the simplicity. To be honest, I think Gearbox just wanted to get it out so they could spend some quality time making a better game without so much gaming stigma attached to it. It was a game that had to get released so then we could rage and then move on. No matter how the game was, it was going to get bad reviews. Gamers and people especially are bitter and that kind of wait was just ridiculous.


It was supposed to be an arcade shooter but it took a bunch of things from modern shooters when it shouldn't have. Like a two gun limit and regenerating health.

Also it wasn't funny.

Duke is supposed to be funny.