Why the Favre are we Favreing about Farve all of the time?


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Seriously? Why is Favre being on on a plane from Mississippi to Minnessota such huge news? This man can freaking fart and ESPN is all over it.

The topic isn't just about him as much as it's about ESPN's ridiculous coverage of things that are totally pointless. A special for Lebron to do what I can do with a text message? Breaking news for Tiger sucking on his return? Favre?

I'd rather they cover sports other than NFL/NBA/MLB than make up worthless news stories to fill the airtime and leech ratings.


Mark ov teh Pond
Believe me, I live in Minnesota and we don't want him here. Every time I walk into my brother's living room, "Oh shouldn't that Jersey be purple now?" (he's a Packer's fan, whatever) it's kinda ridic. I couldn't believe the amount of FB status updates with all that hurricane Bret BS. Yeah, nice loss.

Being I hate sports, I hate all sports coverage to begin with.


Sultan of Swat
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Because ESPN only cover "big" stories, then don't care about other sports when it comes to Bret Favre or other top stories from the past.

When I was in Vegas, all they had was ESPN and I couldn't stand them after a few days.

TSN Sportscenter(Canadian version) is ten times better, we haven't heard anything about Favre in the last week or so.


A Darker Knight
I'd only care if I were a Vikings fan since he actually has an impact on the team.

I don't mind when they do these stories, actually. There isn't much to say anyways so it's over pretty quickly. I can tune it out for a minute.