Why people laugh at left/right wingers


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Why do people laugh at right wingers?
These guys live in a constant state of fear. Everything and anything is out to get them, piss on the flag and murder their family. They see all the darkness in the world and refuse any sort of social progress or change unless it benefits the constitution or their religion. They tend to be confrontational and hyperbolic when debating and will often be the first to throw insults. Look for them around hunting/fishing stores or Walmarts discussing how to assassinate the president and hang liberals.

Why do people laugh at left wingers?
Left wingers look at the world, see a pool of shit and think they can grow daisies. Their "everybody get along . . .please!" attitude has earned them a label of cowardly and optimistic. They are the first to call a rights violation and always the first to call racism, sexism, or anything else that ends in "ism". Left wingers will often find themselves crying during commercials featuring starving children and will take that guilt out on anyone with money by jacking taxes up and burning down churches. They aren't hard to find, just follow the scent of overpriced coffee and iPods.



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I don't laugh at either one, I laugh at people that claim "the're right wing nut jobs" or "they're a bunch of tree huggers", I can't think of a dumber argument.