Why no promoting of skills?

Discussion in 'School' started by Seipienti, May 8, 2010.

  1. Seipienti

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    Today's school system, in my opinion, is lacking some important elements. Today, we have the four basic core classes: Social Studies, Science, Language Arts, and Math, but, nothing even more elemental, such as creativity, logic, visualization, problem solving, etc. I believe schools should have these bundled as one class, alongside the previously mentioned, to be taught, with activities such as making up a language, drawing an object from memory, and chess. (Creativity, Visualization, and logic/problem solving, respectfully. Opinions?

  2. Merc

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    I had a chess class.

    I also had a class where I drew from memory, it was called "Art."

    I also had a class for creativity, it was called "English".

    I think you're making a lot of assumptions here. There's a lot offered in the modern classroom, the problem is that the teachers aren't as driven as we'd like. Of course, that's because teachers don't get paid shit in terms of money.
  3. dDave

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    I agree that you're making a lot of assumptions.

    Here's what we have at my school.

    Creativity - Engineering, art, English

    Visualization - Electronic Media, Art, AP Computer Art, Science to an extent

    Logic/Problem Solving - Programming classes (2 levels, Java and C++ taught), Web Page Programming (HTML), Math, Theory of Knowledge.

    I'd say that's a pretty good list considering that I've taken half of those classes and would definitely say that they apply to what you said schools were lacking.

    I'm in an IB school but I doubt that makes much of a difference for anything since I didn't take the diploma program.
  4. MAgnum9987

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    It really depends on the teacher. I've had teachers that provided what you suggested, and I've had others that were just shit and totally useless.
  5. Rebeccaaa

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    Like those guys, I disagree to some extent. We had 'skills for learning' classes at school, as far back as I can remember.
  6. SouthernComfort

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    i never understood why high schools teach so much useless crap and dont teach anything relevent to the real world

    things basic like

    applying and interviewing for jobs
    how to mail a letter
    how to save money
    how to invest money
    how to balance a checkbook
    understanding things like mortgages, interest rates, insurance etc

    you learn all this crap like biology and algebra that you never use again after high school unless you go to college, but they teach nothing relevent to the real world...i dont understand it

    maybe some schools do teach these things but my high school didnt teach anything like this
  7. Merc

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    Another problem is that public schools are at the will of the government (OH NOES SOCIALISM LULZ!!1!) so they are restricted in their teaching methodology and funding for materials. It's why our education systems are failing because they don't get enough funding combined with effective educators. Our country is dumb enough to think that just forcing more time in the same shitty environment will change things.

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