Why is Sakura so in love with Sasuke?

Discussion in 'Anime' started by Dranigus, Mar 18, 2006.

  1. Dranigus

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    Sasuke is nothing more than a punk. He acts tough, but there are times where he cowers. He's also entirely selfish and would go at any means to kill his brother.

    If she was actually smart, she wouldn't be wasting her time around him. She would just use her womanly wilds and find a male that she can control for her own gain. Since the most likely candidate is Naruto or Rock Lee, she might as well get use to the reality.

  2. Well every since they were little kid Sasuke has been a fan of the females. Of course the ones who are heavy with their crush is Ino and Sakura. If you ask me they are just obsessed. If he was at least a bit interested he would've hinted it a long time ago. I guess most girls just like the strong, silent type.
  3. merob

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    She's a dumb braud.
    When the series first started, sakura was a respectable character. She seemed to have a lot of potential. However as the eps. progressed, she became sillier and siller. Sazuke insulted her several times through out the series and she doesn't seem to be able to detach herself - despite the fact he's practically sold his soul to Orochimaru. Naruto on the other hand, who lends a consistant friendship, is often over looked or treated terribly. I dont have respect for her n e more.
    On a side note:
    I expected Naruto to fit in with the other characters by now. When the show first started, there seemed to be a blend of elements, taking the series outside of the first demention - all of the characters seemed different + the character designs bought a new feel to the theme. When I pay close attention to the events, it's almost as if alot of the characters have a constant sob story, impossible to over come.
    for example;
    Naruto - Isn't accepted, and is often isolated.
    Sazuke - gradually lost his mind following the death of his clan
    Sakura - In love w/ sazuke - who doesnt care for her
    Garra - Isolated into insanity
    Rock Lee - Wants to be a ninja, but can't use ninja techniques. (rock lee is a bit of an acception)

    I feel the series died down, and one issue to blame is poor character development. Everyone seems one sided. Despite his efforts naruto failed to gain any serious recognition. Sakura didn't lose interest in sazuke. Garaa's still crazy. They're very few mental changes among these ninjas. I have more trouble identifying with chisistant characters now, then when the series first started.

    If they do some gay crap where every1 reaches an appiffany in relation to their disaster, practically at the same time, this series will officially be the gayest crap ever.
  4. Dranigus

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    That's because when a woman find a suitable mate, she will stick to him like glue.

    Some women may consider having this male for a mate, but some women get entirely obsessed because of some sort of turmoil they encounter as a child. This problem later transends to an obsession when they find someone that they might of had some interest in and decide to make him her complete desire. That's the case with Sakura and probably also with Ino. They're obsessed with Sasuke because they are psychotic.

    I don't understand what Sakura has against Naruto. He's just trying to fit in with everyone, but everyone keeps acting all stuck up and thinking they are better than him. Considering the fact that Rock Lee is also in a similar jam, I think the two of them would become the best of friends. And then the greatest of rivals for Sakura's affection. LOL!!!

    But hey, atleast there is more value in liking Sakura (a lost soul that would be in bed with Sasuke at blink of an eye) than there is in liking a dirtbag like Sasuke (who is likely to kill you to get what he wants).
  5. Kos4Evr

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    Naruto is still an outcast because many of the older members of the village still view him as the Kyuubi.
    Sakura is still an airhead. She is fine as long as boys (namely sasuke) aren't involved, but as soon as they do she is useless.
    Sasuke has been tormented by the memory of his brother and more recently by his brother because Itachi killed their clan.
    Gaara actually did change so I'm not sure what you are talking about there.
    Rock Lee is just a guy with something to prove. Nothing overly wrong with him other than he really likes Sakura.
  6. Dranigus

    Dranigus Guest

    Rock Lee and Naruto have a ton in common.

    And since when did I bring up Gaara of the Desert?
  7. I guess when you think about it, Sakura is a bit of an airhead like Ino when it comes to Sasuke. They are so obsessed with the man that they always get distracted.
  8. Dranigus

    Dranigus Guest

    And they don't know nor care that he doesn't like either of them.
  9. Kos4Evr

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    He can't stand either of them. That is so sad. Yet they insist on fauning over him like they have nothing better in their sad and pathetic lives than a boy. One who would be just as happy if they didn't exist.
  10. Narutokun91

    Narutokun91 Guest

    Probably because he's from the famous Uchiha clan and he's like super skilled.

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