Why is God positive?

Discussion in 'Religion & Philosophy' started by EllyDicious, Mar 11, 2010.

  1. EllyDicious

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    We always think that God is perfect, that He's a good "man", that He loves us all, that He's right about everything happening to us because He's the one who knows the reasons why, thus we should not doubt and question his will.

    Who said it? Afterall , He created us ...but why should he love us all, ...moreover ... why should he love us equally and why we always claim that he's positive no matter what happens to us?
    Just because he created us[suppose this is true], doesn't mean he should act fairly with everyone of us. ...
    There's no need for us to be treated like His children ...

  2. Wade8813

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    What God are you talking about? Are you talking about any specific God, or just any God in general? Many gods in many religions are anything but perfect. Just look at the Greek pantheon. They goofed up, caused all sorts of problems for themselves and for humans, etc.

    If you mean specifically the God of the Bible, the Bible would be good starting place to look at for answers to all of that.
  3. EllyDicious

    EllyDicious made of AMBIGUITY V.I.P. Lifetime

    I'm talking about the God that is described in Bible and Quran - those to holy books treat him as a perfect being.
  4. Raos

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    I was actually just listening to an interview on NPR with Rabbi Laureate Harold Cushner who is most famous as the author of When Good Things Happen To Bad People. He also happens to be the rabbi at my temple. One thing he said really stuck out to me and it plays perfectly in this thread. He said (I am paraphrasing) that over the years he has come to an understanding with G-d that G-d accepts him with all his faults and that he accepts G-d with all his faults. Not everyone sees G-d as perfect.
  5. FindMuck

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    Because both religions are comprehensively retarded. Why else would two religions that are so similar kill each other's followers so much. People made up God because they wanted a way to explain the world because it makes life easier and they think that by following a bunch of made up rules it will absolve them of an uncertain fate. So of course the thing they attribute the rules to is perfect, because if not they would be right back where they started.
  6. Boredie

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    He doesn't.
    How could you claim that when you see some people living the life of plenty and no hardship, when others are barely able to pay their bills every month?

    The loving relationship that should exist between man and God has nothing to do with how one lives his life (i.e comfortably or always suffering like Job).
    Every person will have his/her own trials throughout life, while each trial is fit for that specific person.
  7. Diederick

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    I don't think it matters which God we're talking about, I think what matters is what kind of God it is.

    If God is omnipotent, omniscient, etc. ; then it sure is one disgusting thing, with no sense of ethics, completely void of empathy and altruism and definitely nothing worth praising. Though, of course, Gods are not praised because they are loved. Gods are worshipped because they are feared and we are such spineless creatures.

    The Abrahamic God is, in all three versions, an evil sadistic *******. And really, the other Gods don't matter much - they're worshipped far form our beds and don't make it on CNN.

    The question itself is absurd, really. "Why is God good?" A God is not by definition a positive thing; there used to be plenty of negative Gods (and I don't mean quantity) when polytheism was still the latest fashion. What it all boils down to is the lack of mental backbone many people have and the popular solution of placing your worries into the hands of an invisible sky-daddy. What amazes me most is that the people who seem most comfortable giving their lives and responsibility to such a hallucination, tend to most adverse to left governments - which basically do the same in a far more moderate way.
  8. Stegosaurus

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    Religious followers often suggest that God (take your pick) is perfect and infallible but that he/she/it is also prone to outbreaks of (but not limited to) jealousy, anger, vengeance, love, compassion.

    Ok, hmmm…If god is infallible, then he/she/it is complete—this being lacks nothing. Thus, this being has no reason to feel jealousy, anger, vengeance, love, or compassion. Or rather, a perfect being is incapable of feeling emotions whether they are positive or negative. Emotions tend to come about when a being is out of balance. A “perfect” God can only logically be one that has no emotions but sits in the ether and just is.

    I have to largely agree with FindMuck--civilizations' conception of God seems pretty man-made.
  9. EllyDicious

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    I know it may sound absurd, but people claim that God is always good and right and I wonder why they expect him to be good while there is no reason for him to be nor positive nor negative.
  10. Adastra

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    Let me ask this... if you hit your dog why does it still love you unconditionally?

    Not the best example but it is the only one coming to mind. Point being no matter our life situation God is who many look to for comfort like a parent to sooth you, it is that buffer that one knows no matter how horrid things can be God will listen to them when no one else will.

    In that instance God is good.

    If we were made in Gods image and we are imprefect would that not mean God has flaws as well? It is perspective to the individual. God is no more good than evil as you or I are good or evil. Ponit of view and persoanl belief should be your answer, not what is said by others or other cultures. This is only my perspective such as it is.

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