Why I'm done with stupid GC debates for good

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This comes from a previously deleted post (thanks to the DICKtator here who definately IS drunk with power after all).



But just for the record, I really don't care enough to debate the issue of piracy. It's just another stupid debate over the most simple and stupidest of issues. In fact, in the time I've been at gamecomplex, I have debated over
(1) the death penalty
(2) homosexuality
(3) tournament/gameplay/life ethics
(4) the war on terrorism/Saddam
was inches away from debating (5) tax cuts for the rich
and now (6) piracy

In my view, every last one of these are stupid debates over issues that are so simple and easy to choose the best side to, that they shouldn't even exist. I mean honestly, anybody who truely is a compassionate human being who is not selfish and NOT trying to use their short time in this lifetime to gain as much as possible at the expense of others before they die could EASILY find the best and most humane side and solution for each of these issues. It's not even a question of one belief system over another, one idea of "right versus wrong" over another. It's really just an issue over "exactly how much of a human being are you? How much do you care about life? How much do you actually DESERVE whatever it is that awaits beyond this life?" I mean seriously people, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the trends here. Maybe with some issues it's a little trickier than others and can go both ways if the limitations of the times that we're living in call for it (such as in #'s 1 and 4), but it's not to hard to figure out side on these issues that will benefit humanity for more than just the "majority" of people who decide the rules.

So if you want to start a new topic for the issue of piracy and debate it amongst yourselves, be my guest, but I won't be there for you nomatter what side I'm on. I think that this time around, I'm going to join the GAZILLIONS of other people who feel the same way I do on issues and sit by silently watching me debate people but will never step in when I need them most because they already know I'm saying everything that they would say but are too lazy to back me up. You know who you are people, and I have a pretty good idea who you are myself. So I think I'll just join those people and say that I don't need to debate, because I know better.


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