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Rant Why I'll never use Dominos Pizza again


Sally Twit
Have any of you ever had a bad experience with a place which put you off going there/using them again? Not just takeaway places. Can be anywhere.

On Friday night my boyfriend fancied pizza so we ordered online from our usual haunt. Chose the crusts, the toppings, paid with a debit card, etc. The local Dominos is not too far from our home, but as it was raining heavily we chose to have it delivered.

We live in a block of flats and on the grounds there is a newsagents. Behind the newsagents is one block of flats and to the left there are another two blocks. I live in the one furthest away from the shop, which will have its place in this story if you continue to read it.

As I stated earlier, our local Dominos is very close and we usually receive our pizzas in less than 20 minutes.
30 minutes went by and we wondered what had happened. Usually we get a telephone call from the driver asking for directions, which always makes us laugh because we're so easy to find. Not that day though!
An hour went by and we still hadn't heard from them. By this time we were so hungry and about ready to call them ourselves. Finally we got a phone call and I was calm because I was expecting the call to begin with an apology. Did it fuck! The driver told me he was by the newsagents and asked me to go down to get the pizzas. You fucking what?! It's raining and you're supposed to deliver to my door! Who the fuck has to put on a coat and shoes to receive a takeaway? You're supposed to go to the front door!
I repeated back to him what he asked me to do, "You want me to come down to the shop?"
"Yes please."
I didn't even give my boyfriend chance to go and collect it. I hung up the phone and got ready to face the rain!
I went down to the shop and it was pissing it down. I was not in a good mood so I just took the pizza, said thanks and I walked away without tipping the guy. I shouldn't have even thanked him but I have a hard time being rude to people, no matter how mad I am.

I went back up to the flat and it wasn't until I got back inside that I noticed the pizzas didn't feel so hot. I just thought it was the rain when I was outside, so I didn't say anything to the driver.
My boyfriend ordered stuffed crust but he didn't get that one. I ordered a half and half and ended up with a total mess. The toppings I asked for had been thrown anywhere they could find. They'd all been mixed in together and it looked disgusting.

I tried calling the local Dominos and the phone just rang and rang. I wasn't giving up though. Eventually someone answered but then it cut out before I could get a word in. I kept trying and I eventually managed to speak to someone and I told them everything that had happened. She put me on hold and then the line went dead! By this time I was getting really angry and I was ready for a fight (lol) but the phone still continued to ring without any answer.
Again I got through and I told the person everything that had happened, from the rude driver to the incorrect and ruined pizzas. He said he'd have to put me on hold but before he did I asked if he had a problem with his phones, to which he just replied 'yes' and then put me on hold!
I was livid and I was shouting down the phone, even though there was nobody there to listen. Eventually someone picked up the phone and just said hello. I told this person I was already speaking to someone about an issue and the person on the other end said, "Yes I already know. How can I help?"
I told him he can help by fixing our order. I asked what he is going to do about the driver, the incorrect crust and the cold pizzas. He didn't apologise to me at all, instead he made excuses that they were very busy and that is why the crust was wrong. He said he has made a note of my address and next time I place an order we'll get a free pizza. A free pizza! After all of that I am offered a free pizza to make up for it. I asked him what he expects me to do with cold pizza and he just repeated the free pizza offer. This was a manager! He was not apologetic at all and he sounded like he just wanted to get off the phone. I ended up hanging up because I wasn't getting anywhere.

During all this my boyfriend was looking for contact details of the head office but all he could find was one of those standard online forms which e-mails them. He had sent a really long and snotty e-mail to them.

So as it stands, we're waiting for them to reply to us and we've also agreed to never use them again, no matter how good their pizza tastes. Besides, after all this we'll probably end up with jizz or spit on our pizza if we ever used them again. Fuckers!


Embrace the Suck
Horrible customer service. I used to deliver for Pizza Hut and we would have remade the pizzas and given you your money back. I've had a couple of incidents like that when ordering pizza and they usually do that, remake and refund. It sounds like the manager at the one you're at just doesn't care.


Ms. Malone
Eeew, why Dominos? The pizzas are nasty :lol:

Sky has always had poor customer service, and a poor service altogether! The call centre staff were always unhelpful and talking to them was just frustrating.


Free Spirit
Staff member
Sounds like they could care less that they were losing a customer. My brother in law owns a Pizza Inn and he would have given you a fresh pizza and your money back. Probably fired the delivery guy for doing that too.


Well-Known Member
My experience with Domino's has been very different. Keep in mind that every store is run differently.

I'd encourage you to definitely not go to that store again but you should be fine going to a different store around there if they have one.

Sounds like a bad experience. I wouldn't go back to that particular store either.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
That's pretty bad and I don't blame you for never wanting to order from Domino's again. I don't order from them often, but I do love their pepperoni pizza and have never had a bad experience with them. Using the Domino's app makes it really easy to order and you can even track the progress.

Have any of you ever had a bad experience with a place which put you off going there/using them again? Not just takeaway places. Can be anywhere.
I had a really bad experience at Steak 'n Shake many years ago. I was hanging out with a friend and we were hungry, but it was late, probably after midnight, so there wasn't much open, so we went to Steak 'n Shake since they're one of the few 24 hour restaurants in the area.

Our waitress was terrible. It was a really long time ago so I don't remember all of the details, but I know we had to wait forever for her to come to our table to take our order. There was hardly anyone else in there. Just some guys that she was obviously friends with and she spent all of her time talking to them instead of taking care of her customers.

After she finally took our order we probably waited 20 minutes before having to ask her where our food was. She had completely forgotten to put the order in for us. After another long wait, she brought out the wrong order. We didn't feel like waiting anymore, so we just ate what she brought us, didn't leave her any tip, and then told the manager what had happened, and he either gave us a huge discount or gave us the food for free. I don't remember. I was so mad though. I've only been back there a couple times since.


Sally Twit
We received an apology and they tried to call us as well. They posted a voucher to us for a free meal, but we're not going to use it.