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Discussion in 'Politics & Law' started by Merc, Oct 13, 2007.

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    I've thought for many years about which political church I would fit into best. I've thought about both sides because I've agreed with both sides on different issues. I'm come to the conclusion several times that Republicans have it right and several times that Democrats have it right (I'm not well educated on other parties, like most unfortunately). That's when I returned to my original thought.

    Why should I look for a party that I fit into and just deal with it, especially when I don't agree with everything said party preaches?

    Democrats for example (liberals in particular) enjoy their freedom of speech and defend it violently. I love freedom of speech and will defend it to most extremes, however, I don't believe illegal immigrants should get all the rights of legal immigrants and proper U.S. citizens. Kick their ass back into their country and tell them to return legally. Also, lefties seem to be a little too soft when it comes to certain things, they just want to help everyone and hope for the best. While noble and a good thought, it's just not plausible. This is why John Lennon's "Imagine" makes me laugh, because world peace is a great concept, but it's unrealistic.

    In terms of the right wing, I think that people that earn big money should be able to decide what to do with it and not be told what to do with it (lefties love the whole "sharing is caring" idea). However, I think right wingers have a problem with their ideas on abortion. I actually don't like the idea of abortion for the simple reason that it just doesn't feel right to me. However, it's the woman's decision (more than the man's) and the government shouldn't be allowed to stand in her uterus waving a stop sign. I also don't like the complete disregard for Seperation of Church and State a lot of righties have.

    This brought me to the obvious conclusion that labeling myself Moderate or Independent was the best solution. I've always felt I was left-leaning in terms of social issues and right-leaning in terms of monetary issues but neither of those are constant! This whole thing is amusing because both of my parents are conservative catholics. Perhaps the left arm of the media swayed me from becoming a full on conservative, whatever the case I don't really care. My parents were good in the way that they let me make a lot of my own decisions. Not at incredibly young ages mind you, but as I got older they didn't totally control me or my siblings.

    I've looked at were my political roots come from and I look at the news (as often as possible) to gauge my political leanings. I always come to the same conclusion: How do people become all-out party members in one direction or another? I guess I'm just not as politically suave as I should be, but whatever the case, politics still confuse the hell out of me for all these reasons. I don't think I'll ever have a party affiliation, or perhaps I'll flip flop from side to side depending on the state of things. For now, I'll just list myself appropriately:

    Politcal Affiliation: Confused and Increasingly Apathetic

    This has been another installment of "Constantine Rambles for Five Minutes."

    Thank you and good day.

  2. fleinn

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    It's easy, you know. :p
  3. pro2A

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    It's interesting that you think this way. This reminds me of me 5 years ago. I think as you begin to understand both sides more, you begin to make your own conclusions on what you feel is right and wrong. This is why I feel people lean one way or another. Like myself, where I understand the lefts views 100%, I simply do not agree with it.

    Given time you'll sway one way or the other, you won’t be a moderate for long.
  4. fleinn

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    What's "the left's views", then..?
  5. pro2A

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    Thats a pretty broad question isn't it?
  6. rozzlapeed

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    I've done a lot of thinking about this, and I have come to the conclusion that, not only is it perfectly normal to not want to be allied with one party or the other, it is also better for healthy democracy that you maintain your independence. Both parties want you to stake your loyalty one way or another. That's one less independent vote they have to fight for (or even consider) in the general election. You have no idea how expensive it is for political parties these days to try to appeal to people who have an open mind. First, there's all the fliers that have to be reprinted when candidates are forced to modify their platform, then there's all the bribes and kickbacks that have to be renegotiated, and of course, all the extra market research that is necessary to find out how far a candidate has to go to make you like them more than the other guy. It's much cheaper if you just call yourself a Republican or a Democrat and stick with that party your entire life.

    In all seriousness, if you look at the economics of it, you should take pride in your independence, because that alone will make politicians work harder for you. I switched my party affiliation to Republican a couple months ago, just so I could vote in the primary, but I have every intention of changing it back to Independent after I vote for Ron Paul.

    Political parties don't deserve anyone's loyalty outside of their paid employees. But whatever you do, don't become apathetic about it.
  7. Nosferatu_Alucard

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    I agree with you Merc. I want to be defined by my own beliefs, not by the ones of parties at each others throats trying to prove they're better than one another.

    One second I'll be totally be for one and they say something stupid making me hate them. This is why I don't choose a party.

    People, come to your own conclusions about things, don't let others. Let's sit on the sidelines and make fun of them.
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    I disagree, I feel that the right of the unborn to exist should be recognized. It's ironic how laws relating the murder of a pregnant women can demand a double murder trial; while a mother's consent to kill her own unborn is perfectly normal.

    Not to mention that there are conservative candidates that you can suppot who condone abortion.

    What is your definition of the seperation of church and state exactly?

    The reason I consider myself to be a republican is that I support their stances on issues that will affect me the most. I don't agree with a lot of stances the Bush administration has taken, and I'm not happy with many of our choices for president; yet I will still vote conservative because higher taxes will affect me a lot!

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