Why I can't believe in God

Discussion in 'Religion & Philosophy' started by Chaos, Aug 20, 2009.

  1. Chaos

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    This thread is largely directed at Christianity and the Christian God, but could also apply to some of the other mainstream religions.

    Now, I've never, ever understood how this works, if I'm brutally honest. The Christian faith teaches that* at the Rapture, the faithful will be rewarded and the faithless will go to Hell for all eternity, etc etc. What get's me is this: no-one can choose what they believe. I know for sure that I can't. I have no more control over what my mind believes than I do of my heart beating. My mind accepts what it will, but it does so subconsciously. So how can Christianity damn me for something I have no control over? It's one thing saying I belive in something, and quite another to actually believe totally and unreservedly in something that my logical mind disagrees with. I know for a fact that there is no way that I could believe in something like Christianity without some kind of sign, evidence, anything at all, but there isn't anything.

    So that's why I've never been able to understand why Christianity can hold so much appeal to people. There were times where I truly wished I could believe in a religion, Christianity or otherwise, but I can't. My mind physically won't let me. :dunno:

    *Excuse me if it's a little off, I'm not 100% word-perfect at Bible readings.
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  2. Phoenix

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    I've been brought up in a very different church than that which you're describing. The focus for us is the basic principles-- how to treat each other, how to look at life and those around us in a way that enriches everyone's experience as a human in a world such as ours. We do not focus on (and at times disagree with) the details of the bible-- after all, there are some obvious contradictions, as well as certain "rules" or examples for "good behavior" that go against our present-day ethics as a society.
    My church's acceptance of different people, ideas, backgrounds, and lifestyles is the main reason for my attending; I've pretty much grown past the age where my parents can make me go. Granted, not all churches are this way-- for everything, there is a spectrum. However, that is the reason I find the place appealing.

    As far as my personal beliefs versus those of many other Christians...well they do differ. (I have a different concept of "god" than many, as well as many other things, but that's another story.) Though I think every person has at least a slightly different belief regarding religion/spirituality/god/the flying spaghetti monster. And, in my mind, that's the beauty of being human.

    Not everyone agrees with me, of course. Tis their right. :)
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  3. rexertea

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    The problem with human beings is that everybody wants proof of everthing. Many People believed in God in olden times without asking for proof and that's what God seek in human beings. who are we that God will give proof to us. humans are dust and you cannot guarantee that you will stay alive the next moment. What you need to do is submit to God from the core of your heart and God will show you the way.
  4. Wade8813

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    Christianity doesn't ask you to believe something despite feeling that it's completely illogical. Christianity at least claims to be logical.

    I'm curious what contradictions you think there are, and what 'rules'/'good behavior' contradict ethics.

    I'm not a Christian, but I was recently, and I still enjoy discussing those sorts of things for my own learning, among other reasons.
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  5. sb1732

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    Hmm... yes i get what you mean.

    For me, i don't believe in Christianity because i can't accept the idea that the world was created in seven days by God. I just find it really implausible. Also with the heaven/hell situation i feel similar. Once you die your heart stops and i don't understand how someone could then begin living in another world, so to speak. In my mind it doesn't work. When you said about the heaven/hell thing and being punished for something you have no control over, surely if you don't believe in heaven and hell you can't feel as if you're going to be punished when you die, because you don't believe there is a heaven and hell... did that make sense? Haha. Well anyway, that's kinda how i see it.

    I don't think religion is worth fighting about. I'm absloutely fine with all religions and everyone who believes in them. I guess it's just the way my mind works that i find it much more likely that the world is what it is because of natural events. But of course they'll probably never be any solid proof of any of these things, so everyone should be entitled to believe in whatever they want.
  6. Boredie

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    [Sorry for side tracking the OP, but this little bit I had to respond to.]
    Saying that sb1732, you automatically limit god's power, where in the religion he is known as omni-(whatever). So no wonder you find it implausible.
  7. Chaos

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    What I mean is, Christianity asks you to believe in a deity based on - as is the case with many religions - so-called 'evidence' which is at best flimsy. I'm not even saying that that has any bearings on the truth of the religion in question - what I'm saying is, the Bible say's that only those who believe will go to Hell. If the Christian God is real, and the Bible is correct, many, many people are going to Hell - not because they've sinned or done some hugely evil acts, but because their minds weren't able to accept Christianity's 'evidence' as easy as that. For me, there is way too much contradictory evidence in the world to allow me to believe in God; there's also a distinct lack of convincing evidence which doesn't help anything either. :dunno:
  8. Boredie

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    I think your biggest problem, Chaos is the fact that you don't believe in the Christian God, specifically.
    Can I say to you now, it's not the Christian God you need to believe in. Not the Muslim, not the Jewish not the Buddhist... All you need to believe in that there is a God, to know that there is something powerful, spiritual out there.
    What religion - is not relevant to you.
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  9. Chaos

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    To be honest Boredie, I've never had any problem whatsoever with people believing what they want to believe; but it's not so much that I can't believe in any religion's deity - instead, simply that I can't believe in religion itself (though naturally this disbelief therefore extends from the religion to the deity). You see, instead of seeing the deity as the primary front of the religion, as do most, I can't help but see the religion as being the primary front of the deity, and that's why I can't believe in religion as a whole. Deity's could very well exist, that's not something I particularly care to dispute. I just don't believe that religion's are anything further than a Human organization. :dunno: These are just my particular belief's, flawed as they are.

    Also, for the record, if I was to hint at believing anything on the Creator frontier, I'd personally go for the Word theory as being my favourite.
  10. Boredie

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    That's just fine. You don't need the religion, not everyone does. I understand you, and not everyone is cut out to need religion.
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