why i cannot have a relationship.....


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i had fell in love with some guys..one donnot have spark with me ..it took some years for me to get through..others i liked were have gf already ..so ..i have to bury me felling..
so ....am left by love now ,and it hard for me to fell in love toooooooooo.....
it crazy..
give me some ad..pls ...........


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Is your first language not english?

Anyways.. I'd say to just keep talking to as many guys as you can, and hopefully you'll find the right one. If you don't, you'll make some friends along the way.


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am not mean to find some guys here ,i mean it my problem ~~am in china .my first languge is chinese ,so i cannot use english well.......
and i donnot thirst for a bf too much ..just becouse people around me all have marrige or bf..seems am a monster..
and i just want a relation who love to each other~~it seems hard to find.......


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Hi, leomay! It's nice to see that you're on the site today.

Aren't you still young? I thought you were only about 32. Do I remember wrong?


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Hi leo! It used to be that people were pressured to get into a relationship before at a very young age because everyone else is doing it or it's the society's expectation. However, things have changed now. More and more people enjoy being single until their late years, even 30s. So don't feel like there's something wrong with you. It might help to try to hang out with other people who are single. :) Just try to enjoy it now and be sociable. Someday, you'll meet someone - and you won't even need to make an effort to fall in love (it will just happen) and that person might just feel the same way too.