Why I Am Atheist


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Why am I atheist? Religion, of its own right, has created victims. Victims of the believers. the Jews, the Christians of the Roman Empire, the victims of Jihad, the Witch Trials, the Crusades, the Gay Debate. What God, who supposedly loves all his children, would send one child to kill another? What kind of God will send a bolt of lightning to kill his child? WHat Kind of God would let "evil" be used by humans? Humans, who throughout history, have killed for their Tyrannical God. I hate God, and I am not evil, and will not go o a hell that does not exist. I will not suffer. I will go out like a light. I will not let some being who is so pretentious as to think he can judge us. well he can go to hell. I can adulterate all I want, I won't, but I could and not give a shit about that "God" on his escalator. Sin does not exist, their is only moral fault, and that I shall not commit. I hate it. LET THE PEOPLE BE FREE! DISPOSE THIS "GOD!"

Quite frankly, the best religion I have come upon, Karma, and, believe it or not, the World according to Gary Pullman.


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While this is what you believe, Dispose This God probably is not something some people here may appreciate. You possibly just set yourself up to be torn apart by those on these forums who are 100% sure that there is a God.


Well I'll start by saying I understand quite well your thinking behind all this. I've had my own tricky relationship with Christianity before I became one them.
First I was a agnostic, then I started hanging out with pagans (who are mostly really nice people by the way), now I call myself a Christian.

I try not to blame God for stuff like the Witch Trials, the Crusades, or abortion clinic bombings, or any of the other horrible shit people do and try and slap God's name on it like it makes it all okay. It doesn't and anyone that tells you its okay to bomb an abortion clinic because God doesn't like dead fetuses is a dick.

I do have problems with alot of the things people say God is for.
I'm pro gay rights, I'm pro choice, I have absolutly no problem with other religions, frankly I find reincarnation to be way cooler afterlife than hanging out in cloud city with Jesus and Lando Calrisian, and despite all your hating God, I'm not going to tell you you're going to hell, because I don't know that.

The problem with these things we're opposed to isn't because God willed them to be, people willed them to be. For example there is more behind the Crusades than just religion, there is alot of politics there. Abortion Clinic bombers are still murderers, they're probably not on some holy mission from God. I couldn't tell you what God is thinking right now, I couldn't tell you that your going to hell, and I sure as hell couldn't tell you God hates Jews.

All that aside though, as long as you feel good about how your living your life, your probably doing okay.
You know, thinking god(s) is malicious isn't a good reason to not believe in it. Also, free will is a bitch. |:
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I applaud you. Tolerance. Religion with toleration is fine by me. Good for you


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I am pretty sure if he has been around the religion forum enough he is used to being torn apart without tolerance from the other side. I don't believe in god for completely different reasons, but I have taken blows for my beliefs many times on this forum. I am sure by posting this he would expect it to happen.

Like Ice said:

Politics and Religion are the nastiest battlegrounds on any site, expect to be disrespected, expect to be trolled and flamed and called dirty names when in those sections. Again, thats how its been from the start, thats how it is now, and thats how it will be forever. Debating Online Politics and Religion = Not for the Feint of Heart.


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Well, I'm not the one who said it, but I personally agree with it. People can't come to topics such as religion be all big and bad stating their opinions and then not be able to handle criticism or opinions differing from their own.