Why hello, I didn't see you standing there



Welp, I am hoponator and I am from Michigan. I will probably be most active in the sports section because thats really what draws me to any forum. I'd rather watch college basketball or football before any watching pros. I am currently watching the tigers lose, so it is time for some big league chew and my rally cap.


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Welcome fellow sports fan. I am a huge sports fan aswell, sports is actually my life but I watch the pros instead of college sports because I live in Canada and College Sports ain't big here. Anyways enough of small talk. I would like to welcome you here at Fusion Central. Hopefully you'll become a big part of these forums especially in my sports section. I'll see ya around.


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Sports...sports...and more sports T_T Welcome, I don't hope to see u around and don't u dare come near me talking about that stuff.:cool:


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Well, You didn't see me standing there but I am sure I saw you.


Welcome to Fusion Central

Have fun, activate your account and be active