Why Don't Christians Welcome Ways to Stop the Hatred?

Discussion in 'Religion & Philosophy' started by Icyblackflame, Apr 8, 2007.

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    Another thread I borrowed. But I wrote it this time, so it's okay! The html codes may be different, but I don't feel like going through them right now, so just go with it, k?

    Let me start off by stating that I am a Christian, so this is not a hate-thread. Don't turn it into one, either.

    I've seen many threads on this site, other sites, and many real life examples of this. Whenever people find ways that explain how something is not wrong, therefore capable of reducingthe "hate"/unacceptable level, many Christians find ways to try to counter them. I want to know why. These people are giving us opporitunities to welcome those who we never thought were welcome. They are giving us ways to help the world out by helping ourselves. They are giving us ways to love those who deserve to be loved and accepted by both us and society as a whole, so why are we denying them that?

    Of course, the biggest debate is with homosexuality, so I will use that. People have given good/convincing proof on why homosexuality is not a sin or not bad, and yet, instead of welcoming it with open arms and open hearts, people insist upon finding ways to declare it false. I am not saying to just sit here and accept it for no reason. I think that you should research it and try to find the answer that you believe is correct. But you should try on behalf of wanting an excuse to love someone new, not deny it for the chance to keep bashing them. (This is not a debate on whether homosexuality is rigt or wrong. There are other threads for that - take them there. I was merely using homosexuality as an example - not discussion material.)

    Do you love to hate? Do you love being hated?

    I know that I cannot talk to my mom about anything she thinks the bible disagrees with her views about. She tells me that I need to study the bible for myself more and stop feeding on what the internet crap gives me. However, the internet crap has opened my eyes and my heart. In the end, I am not so much of a bitter, unaccepting person. Is that not what God wants?I like everybody, and I don't hate anybody. Don't get me wrong - there are plenty of people that I do not like, but, in my opinion, it takes more energy to hate someone than it does to love them, like them, or dislike them. In the end, you've just wasted valuable time hating someone that you could have spent liking or loving someone else. I don't mind the internet crap.

    But you know what had to happen first? I had to allow it to open my eyes. I had to welcome it with open arms and an open mind. The first step is not accepting it, but allowing it to enter your stream of thoughts.
    I also want to know why Christians accept certain parts of the bible and not others. Leviticans is a popular defense, however, people have proven how it does not need to be followed and should not be. Why are we ignoring these? Is this part of the bible not good enough because it requires acceptance of more people? It requires loving more people?

    Is hating really that much fun?

    So, again, I ask why we, as Christians, are not willing to accept people when given the opporitunity. "We" is not for every Christian alive, by the way. Just those who it pertains to. So please don't go off on me.

    Now, I am not saying to be gullible and believe everything that you see and hear. Common sense is good, no?

    ~ Why we don't want to accept certain people
    ~ Why we don't want to accept certain ideas
    ~ Why we keep trying to find ways to falsify these ideas/people when accepting and loving them could potentially make society a better place
    ~ What's so great about hating/not accepting people
    ~ Why you think God hates all these people and wants us to as well
    ~ Why they (certain people/ideas) are not worthy of being loved/accepted
    ~ Why a Christian who hates and does not accept certain people is better than one who loves and accepts everybody
    ~ Anything else pertaining to this thread

    Do NOT discuss:
    ~ Random crap that has nothing to do with this thread.

    EDIT: Because there was confusion on the other website, I will clarify. The question is "Why don't Christians WELCOME" ways to stop the hatred." That is not implying that they have to ACCEPT the ways. My argument is, if they are presented with ways to possibly love and accept more people, then why do they just blow them off? If they look into it and decide that it is false, that is fine. At least the tried, right? They didn't just dismiss it as bologna before they even tried to understand it.

  2. Merc

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    Because of things we learn during our primary socialization, it's harder to shake things we've learned and accepted already. Also, accepting people means letting walls we've built fall, so it also deals with personal security. I'm sure you've dealt with knocking down a mental "wall" before, it can be frightening to feel vulnerable. Some people are downright ignorant, but I believe they're the minority.

    Hardcore Christians, the ones that actually read the bible (and interpret it poorly) have a harder time accepting ideas because chances are, they've been Christians all their lives and have been taught by the primary and secondary groups around them.

    We don't want to accept ideas for similar reasons I've mentioned earlier and the fact that sometimes these changes can affect us a lot more than other people think. Let's say someone who's been a homophobe since they were little is slowly changing their views. It's not going to be instant, it's going to be gradual and probably will not work in the long run because of how deep set their beliefs are.

    I think this goes along with the whole change in thought equates to the mental insecurity thing. It's harder to love someone than to hate them in this world today. Perhaps that can be a seperate topic? Maybe I'm just too cynical, who knows.

    There's nothing great about it, persay. People aren't actually glorifying hate., they glorify their own insecurities and misguidance. I don't think anyone actually glorifies literal "hate."

    Why do you assume God hates all these people and wants us to as well? Isn't this just the same kind of assumption on your end that these religious fanatics are making?

    Because we all value things differently, it's not a universal concept. An ideal world is nothing but love and acceptance, but we obviously will never live in that world.

    Who say's they're better? And why is this all about Christians? Atheists can be just as bad. You're singling out Christians (on purpose or not, you can clarify it, I don't want to assume) and they're certainly not the only people that can be intolerant and unaccepting, they're simply the most publicized.
  3. Icyblackflame

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    Wow, Merc! I honestly wasn’t expecting anyone to answer all of the questions! Sorry if you thought that I meant to answer ALL of them. I didn’t! I put them there to give people ideas on what to talk about. Sorry for making you repeat yourself.
    Right. If we don’t build these walls in the first place, then there would be no problem. I agree with you.
    Funny how you call them “hardcore Christians.” I call them “people who need to be better informed about the bible and stop using it as their shoulder of hatred to learn on -ians.” Seriously, how many “hardcore” Christians actually understand the bible? Aren’t the “hardcore Christians” the ones preaching hate and intolerance rather than love and acceptance?

    Haha, funny. I just read a thread about this.

    And you’re right here also.
    Right-o. But, again, at least they tried. That’s all I’m saying.
    Sure. If you think it could work, then I’ll make it a separate topic.

    And true again.
    I didn’t literally mean great, sorry. I should have re-worded. I meant what is so advantageous about hating these people. You know the “hardcore” Christians go around preaching hate and won’t so much as look at a person (as a person) who believes otherwise. I want to know why they’re so enveloped in hate like this.
    Don’t forget that this thread is directly targeting those who think like this. I am moreso asking the people who think that God hates all these people and therefore we should why they think that.

    Again, “hardcore” Christians. You’ve seen them.
    Again, not what I meant. Sorry. I really need to more careful with how I word things.

    I mean this more as why they think the bible is encouraging people to hate others. They are hated because of the bible in the first place, correct? (I am speaking of those ideas/people specifically, not anything else. Sorry for the confusion.) So, when presented with ways that prove that they should be treated like people, they discard them without so much as a single thought simply because they don’t “deserve” to be loved. Again, this is all because of (possible) misinterpretation of the bible.
    Again, that is addressed to the people who think that.

    This is about Christians because I want it to be about Christians. I never said that they are the only ones. I am simply talking about them because this is what I know most about, and I have the most personal experience with this.

    Lol, someone on the other site asked the same exact question XDD
  4. pikatore

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    An atheist's take on it. It WILL be biased.

    It depends on where people individually draw the line. Psychopath baby serial killers? Be accepted and tolerated? Not going to happen in my books. A person isn't completely defined by thier religion. You have gay christians that think taking it in the butt is cool, and you have hardliners that would hate on gays because it's the 'right thing to do'.

    Those questions aren't applicable to those types of people, because to them, it's part of upholding the word of the lord. It's what comes with the package... it's an almost martyr-like state of mind. Everyone hates me, that's therefore proof that the world is hateful.

    God, the way it sounds, shed disown you if you decided to drop Christianity altogether... ;)

    Studying the Bible doesn't help you to become a better person. At best, you develop a perception of the bible, and therefore a perception of right and wrong, that people like your mother would have a heavy hand in influencing.

    ... this internet 'crap' has done you more good than a million pages of scripture will. Ironic to me.

    It's all about indivual perception and interpretation - one of the many, many factors of why I just decided it was a pile of crap.

    I'm sure if I threw a couple of very questionable verses at you, I might get quite an adverse response from you at first.

    Hmm.... for example. A famous passage in the Bible where one can interpret the living hell out of it:

    1 Kings, Chapter 20

    Now I see this as absolutely ridiculous. God killed a man who refused to strike a prophet when asked?! If you went up to me and told me you were a prophet, then asked me to wound you, and I refused, I should deserve death?!

    You are obviously free to interpret it as you will. But I've made my point.

    Here's some more crazy-arse stuff in the bible:

    Crazy stuff

    If it makes you feel that you are right, and you are involved with a group of people that have a similar belief, then yes. It's a barrel of laughs.

    Because when you say 'we', and specify that it's only to a certain group of Christians, you are yourself sidelining many people who claim to be Christian without even realising it. It's quite an inherent practice in religion - to reject those who don't follow it exactly the way you think it should be followed. Hence, you have different denomininations.

    Yes. But you don't need the Bible to tell you what your common sense should tell you, because it doesn't become common sense. It becomes propaganda.
  5. Gavik

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    Because most of those ways involve not worshiping christ...
  6. Swiftstrike

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    He hit the nail right on the head. Merc's posts was also very accurate.

    I will say this most of the Protestant sects (not all but most) believe faith is more important than good acts. So reducing hate in an already evil world (again most protestants believe we are innately evil) is secondary to having faith in Christ or worshiping Christ.

    The Catholics seem to be more if not the most accepting of other people in the Christian Religion. They will adapt to the times usually... For example they don't believe that people who do not believe in Christ go to hell. So Jews Islamics Hindus etc can go to heaven (or purgatory) if they live a good life (doing good acts and such). The Protestants do not believe such a person can go to Heaven. Also with gays I believe Catholics believe they can go to heaven as long as they do not act on their inhibitions. Protestants believe all gays go to hell because the bible says so...

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