Why doesn't WWE get more submission wrestlers?

Since MMA is getting big and that's their main competition, wouldn't that be a smarter thing to do?

That, and the pin and DQ are getting a bit dull. More submissions could improve this.


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They have Jericho, but that's if you neglect the fact that everyone breaks free of the Walls of Jericho.
Are the superstars too good to tap out now? :(

Jericho and Kurt Angle. Submission wrestlers like that I would LOVE to see more of.


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Personally I rather have someone get pinned then submit. Except if it's a really good submission like the sharpshooter. I rather someone get the rock bottom then the STFU. I believe most of the fans prefer a finisher move then a submission.


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I personally dislike submission matches/wrestlers,they are boaring..
^ That's why they don't have more of them.

This generation of WWE fan is not familiar with the likes of the great submission wrestlers of past eras. The WWE has convinced them that super-buff grunting monstrosities like Batista are the only ways to go. It'd be very hard to convince this generation that submission wrestling is entertaining since they've already been taught that muscle is the only form of fun.


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because wwe mostly care about useless big wresters or high fliers. Roh has a lot of good technical talent. Wwe has a few exceptions. Like punk and jericho etc