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why doesn't one ever seem to mention at all or remember the former president lyndon b johnson?


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well going to school i have talked with friends parent growing up in the sixties. . they remember the beatles, hippies, flowerchildren, tye die shirts, lava lamps, ed sullivan, mr ed, etc sixties anything to remember, plus the assassination of john f kennedy. many believe without a doubt that lee harvey oswald shot him in dallas texas from fifty or sixty feet from the building not to far off. . kennedy sitting in the back seat with his wife driving through the crowd while the car was moving. just to think the president of the united states being killed right before your eyes in broad day light. I bet many people could not believe this happened. . this was one of the biggest stories of the twentieth century maybe one of the top in the one hundred list..

and when people make mention of other presidents including shows like good times and all in the family they mention nixon, carter and ford. . plus family ties mentions ronald reagan and george h bush. so it makes me wonder why did I not hear the name lyndon b johson? Maybe it was because i was curious who the presidents were in order.

why does it seem that lyndon b johnson is an invisible president that had no importance on the sixties? days of the beatles . And why then did the seventies remember to not mention his name either?

a few years ago there was an article some believed lyndon b johnson also known by his initials lbj had a connection in the kennedy assassination. But this news is recently of just 2 or three years ago maybe i think. here then i don't think lbj was ever a suspect. why also of sudden is lbj the one who helped plan out kennedy's assassination just because he wasn't guaranteed he got in office?

will other people search to see if this lbj assassination for twenty fifteen to know for sure if this article was true or simply a bad rumor that got out.? would this article actually have sold if lbj was really involved in jfk assassination 1963.? look likes he got to the end of his term. maybe that's one reason why they think lbj did it. because if anyone else got elected he may have not been the president ever. i don't know. do a search and then see what you think.

second question does anyone know anything at all about lbj as a president to remember from their memories anything they know about him?. . . no one anywhere is mentioning his name for no reason at all except the jfk article i was told about. . i should have researched back then to see if this was true. remember don't look at very old papers. because those won't suspect lbj at all. . only very new articles of two or three years ago will tell you he is a new suspect. you never know how those newspapers get those stories out of the blue.

how come in general though doesn't anyone remember or talk about the invisible president if he never existed? i want to know was he a good president or bad president? what about his personality?. . what did he accomplish? what did he fail at? if no one is able to answer this for sure he is so invisible he may as well not ever to exist as a president. maybe he could have been more well known if he was famous movie star and direct too. . he is like steve spielberg for example... lbj the president no one ever knew and never does anyone remember him ever again. let's see what others have to say. see what you can find out about this former u.s. president. maybe we will all learn something hopefully.


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I remember him because of his wife, Lady Bird. And his penchant for letting everyone see "jumbo" an uncomfortable amount of times.


i have heard he prolonged the vietnam war on purpose for various evil reasons and was a traitor to the country.