Why does religion even exist nowadays?

Discussion in 'Religion & Philosophy' started by pikachu1, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. pikachu1

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    Sorry if anyone is offended by this.

    How can people nowadays even think that some invisible omnipotent being in one way or another have shaped or created the earth and galaxy we live in. If these beings are so powerful how come they have never once came and flat out said that they exist? They always "speak" through others. Also why do they demand we worship their way? If they were truly forgiving then it wouldn't matter. This makes them seem prideful and "human" which takes away from their overall godliness. If are truly so powerful they wouldn't just leave people to do their own thing seeing as it looks like we will wipe each other out soon anyway. There have been countless wars fought over whose God is the real one when people don't realize that the real lesson is to love others and treat everyone fairly. I realize that back then people claimed everything was the act of Gods cause they didn't understand how things worked but how can people nowadays say that they are still acts of their God even though we know how they happen. How can people still claim that all the stories in their holy scripts happened when for some of them to have happened; the entire timeline would have to have been scewed. Don't these people realize that it was a bunch of guys that wrote these stories during their time periods, who also changed things to make stuff fit better with their times and ideas. I just don't get how people can actually sign their lives over to these religions when their is nothing that points to them even having any relevance whatsoever in society.
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  2. ysabel

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    Religion did and still does have relevance in the society. No matter how it is often misused, religion also plays roles that benefitted individuals (ex: giving them sense of purpose,; providing sanctuary, etc.) and society (charities, treatment of addictions, etc.).

    Are you talking about Christianity and its Bible? Because there are other religions out there whose description don't fit your rant.
  3. Mason

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    Religions exist to motivate people, and/or to make them less afraid of death.
  4. Corona

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    Religion is a comfort, an answer, and a justification. It comforts you when you are scared of death, it answers your questions, and you can use it to justify your actions, even if they are based on personal existential motives.
  5. pikachu1

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    So basically Religion exists for people to either use it as a smokescreen for their true intentions or as a crutch to help them get through situations that they should be strong enough to handle as a grownup but cause of weakness can't. It's like my parents say, "You should be strong enough to handle anything, and if you can't then you are still nothing but a little kid."
  6. padd

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    religion is made to hold laws. belive in it or not you can't deny the 10 commandments.. you can't deny the teachings of Jesus, you can't deny the goodness of the saints. whether you belive its a fairy tale or the word of god, its' spreading a moral.
  7. Mason

    Mason phawq

    The first few commands don't show any moral at all, though.
  8. padd

    padd Registered Member

    my bad.. should've said "you can't deny the 7 comandments" for atheists, me on the other hand, i'll keep all 10
  9. Merc

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    Religion is also made to control people, that cannot be denied.

    The 10 commandments have some universally acceptable ideas. I mean, yeah, murder is bad so why should we tolerate it? But some of the other ones are bit silly. 3 of them are designed to keep people from using "spooky language" (as George Carlin puts it) such as false names and idols. Also, honering thy father and mother is not something I'm ready to agree with. Not all parents deserve respect, it should be earned. It isn't handed out with the birth certificates.

    The bible has a lot of mixed messages, too. Jesus comes off as the world's first hippie yet followers of his messages seem to be pretty violent about defending and spreading his word. Jesus always seemed to me like the kind of guy who'd preach to you and if you didn't want to hear it, he'd leave you alone and move on.

    The general idea of this thread is poorly thought out however. I think you really need to know something outside of the general public's view of a said religion before you start calling it useless or grouping it as a pointless endeavor. My good buddy is Christian and he's one of the most chill guys on Earth. He doesn't push his ideas, he laughs at religious cracks and he respects other people's beliefs. That's the kind of belief people need. However, we're stuck with the "If you're not *insert religion* then you're a heathen/sinner/savage/idiot" train of thought. That's one of the real problems of religion.
  10. padd

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    I'm like that to.. if you want my true honest opinion on why I belive in religion, or i should "why i still believe in religion nowadays" it's just really to have faith in something. Me i'm christian, It's not as strict as some other religions.. it's not something bad to follow if you're looking for faith somwhere.

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