Why does Nancy Grace still have a show on HLN?

Discussion in 'Other Discussions' started by Bubbles, Aug 14, 2010.

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    Am I the only one that’s bothered by the fact that this self –opinionated, loathesome cow still has a show on CNN? Sure, she’s fierce when it comes to cases involving children, but all the antics she pulls, are they necessary? In North America, we believe that a person is “innocent until proven in guilty in a court of law.” She emphasizes on “what could have happened” during the crime and she uses that as a fact without any proof. I don’t see how Nancy Grace can be a good analyst for these high profile cases. She just makes assumptions. Won’t it like sway the public into believing that a person is guilty before trial? I mean take for example the controversial case of Trenton Duckett and his mom, Melinda.
    After Trenton went missing, his mom Melinda was slammed on the Nancy Grace show repeatedly, even though the police hadn’t declared Melinda Duckett as a suspect. Duckett was invited to the show to tell “her side of the story” which to be honest, I didn’t hear, because all I could hear was Grace screaming and yelling. A few hours after the interview, Duckett shot and killed herself. Perhaps, she had something to do with the disappearance of her, but now we’ll never know. That’s two lives lost and there’s more questions than answers. I never thought I’d say this, but she’s worse than Bill O’Reily.
    But the one thing that makes me really sick, is the repeated claim she makes on her show – “I care about the people, who I invite to my show.” Really? Because I saw the way she treated Elizabeth Smart. In all honesty, I have never seen anyone make money off other people’s suffering quite like Nancy Grace.
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    She and that other cunt who got a show and sounds just like her are also pretty fascist.

    CNN Headline News - lolwut.
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    I will be the minority here. I like her show.

    It all started when I had moved in with a family friend to help her out after having major surgery, and every single night she watched Nancy Grace. In the beginning I couldn't stand it, but when you are forced to do something repeatedly I guess you get used to it. So yes, I like the show now.

    Well, I like it when she isn't covering celebrity bullcrap. I don't care about what Lindsey Lohan is doing and I didn't need to hear an hour worth of coverage on Tiger Woods every night for 6 weeks. I enjoy watching her show when it is strictly about murder and missing person cases. Maybe I am just sick or it tames my fantasy of wanting work in Forensics for the FBI, but I like knowing what is going on with those cases since there isn't much other news I truly want to listen to.

    I can do without the constant talking of her kids (which she seems to have tamed.. some), the fake crying, trying to sympathize and then going back to a hardass in a split second, the fans that call and idolize her. Really I could do without her, but I enjoy the show as a whole. I like that they talk about different ways it could happen, that is detective work, I like that they bring in lawyers and psychiatrists. I'll still watch it at least once a week for a while to keep up on what is going on.

    Have fear because she has another show starting in September.
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    Another show? Really?

    :shake: There truly is no God...
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    Oh yes,

    That came from Nancy Grace Announces New Syndicated Court-Like Show | ChattahBox News Blog

    Everyone is right though, if it is a typical courtroom show... We all know she is going to be like Judge Judy on a powertrip.

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