Why Do You Work Out/Exercise?


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I know exercise is vital for staying in good shape but why else do you work out and exercise?

Do you do it to simply stay in shape, maybe because you play in a sports team and you need a particular level of fitness, or because having big biceps pics up the chicks?...

I mainly work out because I have a long summer bowls schedule and it can be quite grueling playing every day for three hours in high pressure games so being in shape does really help.

I used to play FOOTball at a decent standard and since having to quit I've still never been able to get out of the fitness routine.

And I'm not going to lie, it does get me some nice attention from the ladies, being a little muscular. So I'm easily motivated!!


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I do it for me.

Becuase I don't want to look like 75% of America.

I do it to help me perform my job at the highest possible levels.

I do it to make sure I'm in top shape for the sports I play.

I enjoy having abs and definition.

and yeah, its kinda nice to gloat once n' while. :D


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I work out mainly to be in good shape for climbing mountains. I like staying healthy, but it's hard to find motivation to work out during the off-season.


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I work out because I want to be in a good shape, have a strong and well built body for football and of course I do it for myself.


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I work out because I know that I can push my body beyond its limits and obtain the physical features that I want. I don't wanna go through life not being able to lift what I should or not being able to run as fast as I should. I like to keep in "tip-top" shape to perform better for myself personally and mentally.



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I am currently working out to try and get back into the same kind of shape I used to be.
I piled on weight over my Christmas break as I was eating more and doing less,I looked in the mirror and thought what the hell happened to the guy who used to be looking back at me.

I have always been heavyset,but after that break I was going almost 17 stone.
I have since changed my diet,my eating habits and started working out every day and since January I have managed to drop to just over 15stone,I will keep going as I would like to get to fourteen by the summer.

I also have an inkling to climb in the ring again,just some amateur stuff,but to do that my fitness needs to be way higher than it is at the moment.
The trouble I am having s working out a body that has been ravaged with injury's over the years.