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Why do you post comments/threads?


I ♥ Haters
I post whenever I find something that is interesting, just so my input is out there. Most of the time, I just have nothing better to do, do I waste me time in Sub-Talk.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
As you can see I've done this many times. I enjoy posting at this place, which is why I post a lot. I enjoy conversing with the members here(well most of them) especially when it comes to Sports.


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I like to post in MD as it gives me an outlet for political discussion that is, quite often, too divisive to discuss with friends and acquaintances that get upset by these types of discussions when we disagree.


Where is my Queen?
Pretty much what Bubbles said, I post things that I find interest in and want to have an input on them, I try my best not to offend people because I don't "really" know any of you. I only know you guys virtually. I also post thing up if I need advice because it is sometimes it is better to get an unbiased opinion.


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I enjoy posting because it's like sitting down with a cuppa and my friends :)

It makes me feel part of a community and the friends i've made on this place are fantastic as they make me think and question things.

Sometimes I post utter shit and drivel but that's my prerogative! I don't have some psychological need or a desire to be heard I just like talking :D

Also it's nice to know that some days I've made people giggle or be that little bit happier.

this is sort of me also:lol: except the bit about all the friends i have made here as im still pretty new:stare:

If i start a thread its usually a recipe in food area, or about a tv show in tv show area,, as if i post just a general thread about ..em somthing in general it ends up in sub talk:nod::lol: I want to get my posts up so that i have full use of the forum, but i dont want to just be posting stupid stuff willy nilly i like to actually mean what im saying.. and i really do like cooking and food anyway so:lick: I usually try to answer anyone who has been good enough to post on a thread i have started.
on posting,, yes if i am going to post i have usually read the whole thread. I liek a debate, but in a civil manner, and i like just being silly and having fun too... depends what mood im in, but i am a gemini so speaks for itself.. there , i think i have rambled on enough now:D


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I like sharing ideas of my own and putting them to discussion on here. Especially real life events that have happened to me or people I know, then I can share them and see what others on here would have done in those kinds of situations.

I also like talking about current events a lot, seems to be a favorite of mine. Along with music.



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I post threads when I need advice or need someone elses opinion on something and reply to people when I'm giving advice or my opinion and that's it really.
Sometimes it's good to hear advice off someone you don't know and doesn't know you. In some cases it's the best advice you can get and it's also easier giving advice to people you don't know.