Why do you post comments/threads?


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Well... Why do you? Is it simply to get heard by someone, because you want to vent. Because you want your opinion heard. Because you are passionate about the subject being asked. To help somebody?

Do you respond to a thread and actually read what it's about, or just post a comment based on it's title.
I'm sure I've seen it where someone's posted a thread and people seem to have gone in and posted off the cuff, without reading the initial thread opener or other replies.

Maybe it's because you love typing. Maybe it's because you want others to hear you and not have to hear them. I don't know the intentions behind this. I guess different people do different stuff.

I suppose my reasons are as follows:

1) Threads: Usually because I would like to see what others think, compile some sort of idea about the subject I'm raising from different viewpoints. It might sound sad, and perhaps pointless. But most of my threads are like that. If no replies come I suppose that nobody cares about the subject, or they have no reason to address it because it doesn't affect them.
I also post in an attempt to have some fun with the thread. A game or something. Although, most of those have ended up to be duds. This thread follows the former intentions.

2) Replies: In general, I like to type up my ideas on it, and try to engage with others. I like to do it in a slightly cynical way, because that's what I'm like, and occasionally it will come across as funny, which is a bonus. Laughter is good... I also reply in some posts to offer advice or help with whatever they've asked for this for, this advice/help will be sincere.

3) Random Replies: Like in the random thoughts thread, I just post whatever's in mind. If you reply then that's all good and I'll do my best to accomodate or respond. But usually, I just post this for aimless reasons as such a thread suggests.

I will try to reply to everybody that replies to me, unless they've replied in a negative way. In which I ignore them.

So - what do you do?
Yes some people need to Address them selves in certain areas so they do so,

Some people Think that they are the best and People wants to here always from them what's their Idea.

Some think that they also need advice,

Some think they are never been involved in the conversations and they just want to jump in as to get related,

And some are always in search of new people with whom they can share what they Have.

PS. Looking forward to what I replied I don't fall in the category as I am Just a machine going on from start till the end. LOL



Well... Is it simply to get heard by someone, because you want to vent. Because you want your opinion heard. Because you are passionate about the subject being asked. To help somebody?
All of the above, depending on the situation.


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If that's the case, you better leave soon or you'll become a spammer.
Well maybe, although I do try to post stuff that others might want to reply to. Shame about those who can only be bothered with swimming in their on little cliques, ignoring the rest, and victimising the odd so and so merely trying to communicate. No matter how pointless it seems, it's still harmless. :S

Ah well, what can you do?


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Fair enough - sounds pretty filthy though.
I say, "Unconscious whim," and you think... what?

To be honest, I might only be posting to get one of those ridiculous achievements that this forum insists I must complete.
So, let I get this straight. Let's review. Your use of "might" indicates that you don't know why you're posting in the thread called "Why do you post comments/threads?" that you, yourself, created. This would not tend to bolster my original assertion?