Why do you hate this team..


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Alright we all know that Millz hates the Cubs, Echoes hates Michigan Wolverines(NCAAF) Tucker hates the San Francisco Giants ect. But I want to know reasons behind that hatred. Please don't just say their the rivals of my favorite team. I know there's more to it.

Discuss, oh yeah one more thing! This is a no hold barred thread, meaning anything goes(just don't insult the other members)


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At a very young age it was embedded into my brain by my father not to like any sports team from the state of Pennsylvania or Maryland and as I grew up, it just stuck with me- I have no other excuse than that.

...Though I must admit, Penn State Nittany Lions grew on me but I'll always be a Boston College, Nebraska Cornhuskers and an Alabama Crimson Tide fan when it comes to College football.


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Please don't just say their the rivals of my favorite team. I know there's more to it.
Sometimes that's a good enough reason though. I hate Michigan because Ohio State plays them the last game of the regular season every year. I hate Michigan because it's usually the biggest game of the year and there's a conference title, and sometimes a national title, on the line. I hate Michigan because, win or lose, I know my emotions are going to be out of control. I hate Michigan because they've ruined several perfect seasons for Ohio State. I hate Michigan because of their fans.

With professional teams I usually hate them because of certain players, coaches, owners, or just the city they're in. Sometimes I hate teams just because they're good for a long period of time.


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I HATE the Red Sox with a passion. Too much pride for such a historic program, I think. They're also cocky, too.

Eagles fans... BOO. Too annoying. That's why I hate the Eagles.


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I hate the Rangers and Yankees simply because they are moniker New York teams. And there's just something about those NY teams that boils my blood, maybe its the fans? I despise the brooklyn accent and maybe my hate is rooted in that?

I have this same hate for Philly teams to, absolutely hate the flyers. That started with Eric Lindros, not sure why but man I hated him. Great player but he was just one of those easy to hate on kinda guys.

University of San Jose, we have a fairly big rivalry with them and there not much I'd rather see than the Bulldogs beating them.

I do believe team rivalries are more strongly deep rooted than "just because". I remember I used to hate the Sandy Eggo Gulls when the Falcons were still in town. The gulls and the bakersfield condors were always our biggest opponents so essentially those were the 2 teams we as Falcons fans were trained to hate.

They'd be introduced as "the EVIL San Diego Gulls!"


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I hate the Ottawa Senators for many reasons, first off 85% or so of their fans no nothing about hockey. They'll only cheer for them if they're having success, they're bandwagon fans, if their team is having a bad streak they'll cheer for another team, but if they start playing well they'll start cheering for them again.

I think they play boring hockey, and I just can't stand them in general.

It's funny to, since I live in Ottawa.


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I despise Dallas with a passion - always have - started out with all the cocky players and coaches and still continues. They all need a good ass whoopen

I also hate the panthers and people telling me that i'm dishonest or have no compassion for teams that i should be rooting for since they are in north carolina. south carolina has no nfl team and you can't placate me with that team



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I hate the Yankees and Steelers with a passion. I hate the Yankees because they're a big-market team with no spending limits. I hate the Steelers because they are division rivals and have what I believe to be the worst and douchiest fanbase in the history of football; that list includes the Raiders and Eagles.