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Why do teen girls get so silly over a guy?


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I was flipping through a used book today, and on nearly EVERY page was scrawled "I love ------", along with various doodles and other writing.

OK, I get that the book was once owned by a star-struck girl, but come on. Is it really necessary to deface the whole thing with the name of your flame?

Yes, I went through that phase too when I was younger, (heck, I even wrote the name of a guy on the garage door of my childhood home, and on the dashboard of the car! :rolleyes:) but still, why do girls do things like this? Hormones? Sure, but I've yet to see very many boys who write a girl's name all over the place.

Boys may like a girl and have various ways of expressing it, but girls can get so ridiculously silly over some guy.



Free Spirit
Staff member
I use to do that too, I think a lot of it is hormones. You get all these thoughts of romance in your head and you go overboard. Then that guy doesn't turn out to be what you thought and you are dreaming of another romantic adventure. You get over it after you get a little older and get more realistic.


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I didn't go through that phase personally, but I do think young girls are just more dramatic in general and it translates to all kinds of different 'outlets'. When a teenage girl likes a guy, obviously she has to become obsessed with him and write his name all over her stuff. Just like when her parents tell her off, she hates them for the rest of her life and wishes they'd go die (until she grows up a bit).

Boring otherwise, right? :rolleyes:


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It can be pretty funny too. Sometimes I'll find something like that from my own past and just roll my eyes...and then laugh about it. The mystery about "why was I ever like that" still remains though.


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I also think it has to do with the fact that from a very, very young age, girls are taught that there is a magical, majestic and handsome prince out there. Just for them. Obviously I believe many girls outgrow this, but it doesn't mean the mentality of it doesn't hang around. It's part of female socialization these days I think. It could explain why girls get so attached to some boys, hoping they're "the one".


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I've gone through that phase. Writing my name with the name of my crush, to see if we look good "together". :lol: Maybe merc has it right. Let's blame Disney and all the fairy tales promising girls of prince charmings for each of us, we keep trying to find "the one".