why do some forums...


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why do some forums have ads up the wazoo and others are totally free of them for their members?

just wonderin


i guess it depends on the level of your membership.
given that you are a normal member, you have many ads.
once you become a VIP you have less...almost none.


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no---i understand that---but why dont some other forums have any ads what so ever? and give people all the stuff that some forums make people pay for?...like for free?? why?


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Ya, I think it depends on your membership level. I rarely if ever get ads. Most forums are like that.

but there are forums that u can join that have no ad's as soon as u register..and they have tons of stuff and people and like no ads or nuthin like that...just tons of activities and threads and wicked fast servers and stuff....do people like to pay to get rid of stuff??? thats what im askin
Forums cost money for upkeep and hosting. Some forums offer extra services you could otherwise get free from other forums, but charge for it for revenue to keep the forum up. I really don't mind when some forums do that because I understand. However, I won't stay at a forum if they start asking members to pay for avatar and signatures extras. That nonsense makes me leave right away.
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but what if it was totally free of ads?? and like...there was never any request to pay for anything?? just posts and stuff?? why do people still go to forums with ads??
Well, lots of reasons. Here are two that I can think of:

1) Their hosting service is free, thus no ads, no payment. Usually, with free hosting services there are downsides like XX amount of PMs you can receive, XX amount of messages you can post and limitations on other goodies as well.

2) The people are paying out of their own pockets, thus, no ads, no spam.

Oh, and with forums with ads it's capitalism at it's finest. People realize they can sell ad space and make a buck or two. That's cool, let um make some dough and a living! =)
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so people join forums with ads cuz they like the idea of giving their money to post and get extra features and stuff when they could join a forum or some other forums that have the same features but for free??

that makes no sense to me lol
That's not what I'm saying. I've joined multiple forums and I only come back to the ones I like. Not because of ads or me having to pay, but because I like the members and I like the topics. Just gotta find the right one for you. It's about the people and quality, not about OHzmy look at all these ads, Im leeeeefing... bai! If a GOOD forum has an option to pay, I'll do it because I don't mind supporting a good forum.