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Why do so many people hate the "emo" genre?


I didn't know 'emo rap' existed, but then again you could fill the Staples Center with what I don't know :nod:
Go look up Joe Budden. Especially the Mood Muzik mixtape series, and the Padded Room and Escape Route CDs. Oh and hell, a few songs from his self-titled debut. Haha. Just avoid the tracks "Pump It Up" and "Fire". :lol:


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Because thier music is simply depressing. They all sound the same. Same wailing noise giving music a bad name.

As for the 'dress' code of emo's, it's full of fail, skinny jeans below your arse, wtf?
Jeans were created to cover your ass.

Noone wants to see what kind of boxers you have on. I'm glad they hid thier face with thier hair though, because they usually tend to be ugly.

Come to think of it, I hate scenes more. Or scemo's.
Both party's DESTROYED Glasgow city center's rock clubs. Metalheads etc used to go there and it rocked, now all emo's and scemo's run the place and they are all getting off with each other, writing fuck me on thier chest (no seriously) and pull me on thier forehead.

And playing the godawful music. What happend to Meat loaf and Metallica, Iron Maiden, Faith no more, Black sabbath, all the legends man :O

I think i'm in love. :)
But seriously, sounds like you have great taste in music(except you left out Judas Priest).
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I know what is consider Emo today and what it was is two different things. Today, I can not stand a lot of the bands and artist considered "emo". I just don't understand the reason for the popularity but to each there on.