Why do people seek fantasy in their everyday lives?


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It seems to me that not only do people consume their minds with dreams from early on, but as they grow older these fantasies transform into something else. Of course there is always common grounds of entertainment such as tv, literature, film and music that ultimately can send you to another dimension but then there is the subject of drinking and drugs... which also will take you to a place that truly does not exist. Why is it so hard for people (including myself to accept what reality is?


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because the reality is boring. I mean you go to your job everyday, maybe spend time with your family on the weekends, but that's about it. So, people need a vent. Some find it in fantasies, some do in drugs and what not.


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Because its fun, comparative to your regular life at least. Or fascinating. or you just like it. Girls just wanna have fun! (regular people too)
Since I've been playing Oblivion lately, so let me see if I can use that in this thread.

I've been playing an Archer, and while it's great and fun, sometimes I like to dabble in the Warrior and Mage class. Just to not get utterly bored, tired, depress, angry, physically ill over playing the Archer all the time. Letting your mind go of the stress of being an Archer and now playing something completely different. You relieve some stress in your fantasies, and now you're ready to take on the world... or whatever you do in your reality. I believe seeking fantasies are healthy.

All I know is in my fantasies I'm the lead singer of Guns N Roses, a guest on the new Jay Leno show and, AND! I can fly.
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Simply because people occasionally need a break from reality. Its why films, television, books and video games exist. Some people take it to extremes, however, hence the drugs and booze.
Man has been addicted to escapism for a long time now, like you said that's why we have stories and literature, that's why we people do drugs. I agree when someone says reality may be boring but I also feel people have trouble accepting this "reality" in the first place, its hard to swallow existence, alot of times our world and life seems only to be half the picture.


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We're told from a young age to use our fantasy a lot to make up stories or ideas for games, eventually as our minds evolve and adapt to the growing world we still hold onto that concept, but think bigger and bolder.

Reading, writing and just general understanding of one's potential could take them anywhere they wanted to in their own world. As others have said before, it is a break and/or escape from every day life, but there's nothing wrong with that. Lord knows, I day dream most of my day away when i cant keep focused on my tasks, but having fantasies keeps you creative and less boring in the head.



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Simply because people occasionally need a break from reality. Its why films, television, books and video games exist. Some people take it to extremes, however, hence the drugs and booze.
^ This.

Simple and perfect, this is what I was going to say. People simply need an escape now and then however some people get obsessed with that escape.


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I'd say some people are also... simply screwed up. Something in their brains is not... balanced correctly.

There's a healthy amount of having fantasy in your everyday life... and then there's the sick people that simply cannot, will not accept reality.

People with extreme low-self-esteem may alter their world so much in their heads so that they can compensate for the "failure" or "ugly" person they believe themselves to be.

It's really hard for a lot of people to accept reality... sometimes one person's realities are what other people consider nightmares. I can imagine that's why it's so difficult for some people to accept reality.

That all sounded better in my head and then I lost good words :/

Oh well, I just think reality can be difficult for people... I know reality can be more difficult for people...


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I think everybody dreams to a certain extent. Well, i do anyway.

It's not that i can't take reality, i know what's real and whats not. Haha. It's just i daydream for fun really, and i dream of things i hope will happen for me someday as well as stupid things that will never happen, lol.

I think it's a pretty normal thing to do really, considering you don't go overboard and start to live in a dream hahaa.