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Why do people overcharge for shipping?


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I dont understand this. Why?


I buy NES 72-pin connectors

the person I but them from charges 4 dollars to ship the item, he spends .87 to ship the item and another .50-.75 for the small padded envelope

with the NES market on eBay, you know hes making a killing on this

another auction I won, was a lot of NES games... person charges me 10 bucks for shipping... I figured I would get the items quick, boy was I wrong.

after waiting 9 buisness days for the package to arive, it comes in a crushed box, that the person RE-USED from another auction, and spent 2.35 on shipping!!

I was pissed, left neutral feedback on that one

I have had several sells on ebay, all videogames and charged "USPS Priority" a total of 4.95 for shipping... person gets item within 3 days (depending on shipping date)

I just cant understand why people charge so much?


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Think the main reason is that fees are calculated off of the final bid price, and are not effected by the shipping price. EBay has a policy against it, but usually when it's just a few dollars more, there's nothing that can be done.

It's different when someone charges $50 or so for shipping an item when it should only be $3-4. Those get shut down.


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In some cases the over priced fee is a way to make up lost sale revenue.And others are just nuts. :D


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Hi, thats a good question! I feel that people should try to get their profit off the item, not the shipping! It is against ebay policy to charge a low price on item and a high price on shipping! Wonder why their are so many people getting away with it? :confused: I mean start your item at the least you can take for it, and charge proper shipping, know what I mean?

I love this place!


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HA, I once bid on an item mearly to mark it to make it easier to find. The item was some Nokia phone faceplates, think 4 of them. I was first bid at 5 cents..... 5 days later I find out, I WON! Shipping was like 8 bucks.... grrrrrrrrr. I still have the ugly things around someplace.


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people might like money, but they should make it off the auction, not the shipping cost.

Shipping is the first thing I look at in any auction now, its kinda a obsession since that one!


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I never know what to charge for shipping....obviously on a few things it's easy enough and now the PO has a flat fee if you use some of their supplies (priority boxes etc) That's a big help. I usually end up undercharging :( I too check the shipping always! Been burnt more than once by not checking. Then again I've lost money doing that also. Same item, brand new, cheaper shipping and the price goes up much higher than I would have saved buying the one with the more expensive shipping. It's as much a gambling site as an auction site.


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People often overcharge for shipping, sometimes to cheat eBay out of final value fees, other times to to catch people who don't pay attention to the shipping amount, and other times maybe just because they don't want to worry about figuring out a realistic shipping fee so they just guess high.

But one thing to remember is that there's more cost to the shipping than the price you see on that prority mail sticker on the box. I recently started selling on eBay and lost money today on the shipping of one item. I charged $9.95 shipping for a bare hard drive. So far I had been shipping stuff with boxes and packing peanuts and bubble wrap saved from things I'd bought, so that was free. But today I ran out and I had to go buy boxes for some stuff. So it cost me about $1.25 for a box to send it in. And a roll of bubble wrap ends up costing about 15 cents a foot. And packing peanuts are like $20 for a bag that maybe holds 10 gallons, at least in small quantities at your local office store.

But the worst thing was that UPS hit me with a "Rural Surcharge" of $2.15 on 3 of the 7 items I shipped today. I have no way of knowing that is going to happen when I figure a shipping charge when posting the auction, so I'm just going to have to start padding the shipping a bit to cover it.

So even though $9.95 sounded like a fair charge for shipping a hard drive by UPS, it cost me $1.25 for the box, and $2.15 for the Rurual Surcharge, on top of the normal $8.28 that UPS would charge for ground. So it really cost me about $11.68 to ship. I made enough money on the item that I still came out ahead though.

I guess I really need to figure out how to use the calculated shipping thing on my auctions. It gives the bidder the warm fuzzy feeling that they are getting an actual shipping rate, but I think you can still add in extra "handling charges" to pay for the boxes and bubble wrap and stuff.

Oh, and then theres the $1 in gas it costs me to drive to UPS to ship the item...