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TV Why do people hate Family Guy so much?


I actually laugh harder at the jokes that run on way too long.

This is easily the funniest cartoon on TV. There are people who actually like American Dad more? Eh, I usually turn to something else when that comes on. I've only seen a few episodes that kept me interested and made me laugh.

People who get pissed/ or don't like the show because it has so many cut-away jokes and doesn't stick to a strict structure, might be taking their cartoons a little too seriously. Ha.


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I'm actually starting to like the randomness again after re watching some old family guy episodes.

Haha gotta love this show =D

My favorite episode is the one where Peter has to go back to the past to save his marriage, and they reference back to the future and everything =P


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i like family guy alot but i can see why certain people of the population would have distain for it...

its not for everybody...

shit...nothing is for everybody...no show can please us all!


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Family Guy is probably one of my favorite shows. But usually I don't watch the show as it airs. I usually just purchase the DVDs so I am usually a season or two behind. I don't go out of my way to watch anything on TV unless its sports.

I think where I find Family Guy is at its highest is when they make references to pop culture, current events, or throwbacks to movies.

Their humor can be quite intelligent and provoking even though the delivery can be seen as "childish."

For example, when Lois dressed as the boy that Barbara Bush ran over as a teen for Halloween. Peter and Lois both repeated "That's right Barbara Bush killed a guy," a few times. I saw this episode 3 or 4 times not really understanding the joke just thought they were taking a stab at Barbara Bush...well turns out Barbara Bush DID hit and kill someone with a car when she was a teenager.

If I have to google a joke you can't say the humor is not high of quality.

A few of my friends actually started to dislike family guy because they say the jokes are so based on the events of pop culture that after a couple years they seem to lose their relevance. Which is understandable. I have a harder time watching the older episodes sometimes because of that. The older episodes had more plot than many of these newer ones and I personally like the styler of comedy the show has evolved into.

Several of my more conservative friends though do not find the show in good taste at all.


l 7SIN Sasori l
Honestly, the day anything in this world gains universal popularity, is the day we find world peace.

You can't have it all, and people are going to hate it and love it.

As for personal opinion, I like the show. It's decent. If you're going to hate it because of violence, jesus jokes, racial comments/slurs, morally wrong comments...then I hope you hate a lot of things out there such as movies, tv shows, animated series, reality tv...real life...

These things happen, people poke fun. It's to lighten up an age where everything is offensive to a lot of people, and walking on eggshells is what seems to happen to the masses. Take a joke, don't live life to seriously...and enjoy these simple things people.


The Rock is cooking atm..
Well nothing is taboo these days and that's what family guy does...breaks the barrier of what should be said and what shouldn't be said...


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Several of my more conservative friends though do not find the show in good taste at all.
That isn't the least bit surprising :lol:

I just really, really hate these snobs that sit around and bitch about how the show is "low" or "stupid". Or in the words of South Park, that it's full of "manatee jokes".


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Personally I don't hate Family Guy but it is definitely one of the last things I'll turn on. I'll be the first to admit I have a very awkward sense of humor. With the earlier episodes I would at least chuckle in my head (when watching any comedy act I very rarely actually LOL) but with the later stuff it's just not that humorous to me. I get the references and I understand what they are making fun of and why but more times than not someone else has already made fun of it, thus ruining my buzz per say. I'll watch the show with my friends if we are hanging out but it's so bleh.

Another reason for my disdain for the series is some of the fans/fanatics. Don't ever mention that you don't like the show for then you are ridiculed. Much like the internet cartoons are not srs bizns.