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TV Why do people hate Family Guy so much?


Ms. Malone
I dislike it and will only watch it if nothing else is on; the main problem is the long running and recurring jokes, like Stewie poking at Brian about his book-or Peter fighting with that chicken, they bore me. Sometimes i also find that they do a joke and instantly think 'Simpsons did it'.

The randomness annoys me too and i appreciate randomness-i just can't stand it in Family Guy.


Oh, poppycock.
Its popular and its the cool thing to do. Just about as many people love family guy as they hate it. If you're in a crowd with people who hate it, usually it rubs off because you can't enjoy because they analyze every little bit.

I don't know, that's my opinion.


I am the woolrus
I used to like Family Guy a lot but now i can't stand it.

I think the main problem is, once you've seen an episode and you take out the 'randomness', it's just not funny anymore. Compare it to South Park, King of the Hill or the classic Simpsons that you could watch over and over again, it just seems completely brainless.

The newer series are just awful anyway, even the first time round. One episode i sat through it and didn't actually laugh once. it was cringingly bad.


I don't know why I hate it, but I do. I love American Dad though, I can't get enough of that. It's the same deal with Futurama for me, I loved that more than The Simpsons.


Registered Member
It's dumb and relies on cheap laughs, and has only gotten worse and worse as time goes on. Maybe it's because I'm not in high school anymore, but I've really grown quite unimpressed with the show. Seth MacFarlane has his contract with FOX so he can churn out as much crap as he wants and no one says otherwise.

And American Dad is better in every way anyway, because Seth has other writers working with him on that show who can actually say "No, this is dumb, let's not do this."


Registered Member
People falling down! Pop-culture reference! Isn't Peter wacky? Look, Quagmire is sexual! Stewie's gay! lolololol


Registered Member
It's dumb and relies on cheap laughs, and has only gotten worse and worse as time goes on.
I have to agree with that line specifically. Family Guy was good when it first came out, but it just degenerated into the same thing in every episode. It really does rely on cheap laughs, "poop gags" and repetition to try and get that chuckle from its audience. I've also taken notice that the show has explained the joke (subtly and outside of the joke) in case you didn't get it.

Either way, I can't say I hate Family Guy. I do get a few chuckles here and there when I watch it on occasion. Sometimes it does catch me off guard. :) However, I think that there are far more intelligent humored shows to watch out there, and there are a lot of other shows that are just as stupid as Family Guy that do it better than Family Guy (Robot Chicken, The Simpsons, somwhat King of the Hill). It's not entirely my style. That's my opinion anyway. :)
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