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TV Why do people hate Family Guy so much?


Problematic Shitlord
I'm not talking people who just think it's "meh" or don't think it's funny, I'm talking about the people that absolutely loathe and hate Family Guy. The South Park episode hit a few nails on the head with Cartman portraying the people who don't like the fact that there is no solid plot and that the humor is completely random.

But what's so bad about that? I think it can be pretty damn funny.


AKA Ass-Bandit
I think it could be because they've come to the conclusion that Family Guy is plagiarising The Simpsons. It's possible, The Simpsons mentioned / joked about it in The Italian Bob (Plagiarismo, Plagiarismo Di Plagiarismo)


The Hierophant
I wouldn't say that I hate Family Guy. I don't watch it anywhere near on a regular basis, but the older series were pretty good and what I've seen of the newer series' they were ok. I wouldn't say they were great, but they get me to laugh on occasion. I just don't think it's neither as great nor as bad as everyone thinks.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I didn’t like the show when I first watched. So I decided to stop watching it all together. A few months later I decided to give it another chance and now I like it a lot. I think a lot of people hate the show because it can be very offensive at times.


Band Nerd ♫
Yeah, it can be offensive at times. Not to mention the fact that sometimes it's just really stupid, and the jokes it makes are overused and some of them (Conway Twitty) weren't even funny in the first place. They must have taken a good 5 minutes out of one of those episodes with that stupid Conway Twitty joke. So much that I don't even remember what that episode was about.

I don't hate Family Guy, but others do because it gets so much attention and honestly it just isn't that great anymore. It has some funny moments, but most of the episodes these days are taken up by jokes that aren't funny at all. And the problem is, they're obviously trying to be funny, but they're failing at it.

You can argue about how offensive it really is, but it's gone overboard with the Jesus jokes, that's one thing that is obvious to me. And another is the violence is becoming more excessive. It wasn't so bad in the old Family Guy, but now it happens a lot. That one part in the episode where Peter murdered Quaqmire's new cat was absolutely horrible.
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Registered Member
Basically the reasons someone might hate it are they find it offensive, or as a backlash because it's popular. Anything popular will have that backlash.


Son of Liberty
I've never been a fan of it because I just dont find it comical what so ever. And I'd suppose in a sense it pisses me off that its so popular contrary to my opinion of how simple minded it is. I'd like to think that comedy should have some substance, but I feel Family guy is a perfect example of a show thats survived on random potty humor. Dont get me wrong, I'm not asking for Dry British humor or anything :hah: its just I dont understand why family guy is touted as the greatest thing since sliced Simpsons!


Registered Member
I didn't like the show in the beginning but it grew me on time. Sometimes the show can be offensive but the show is pretty with all the parodies and pop cultural references.


Sally Twit
Family Guy is absolutely hilarious and appeals more to adults than to a young audience. The humour is random so you have to truly appreciate randomness to find it funny I suppose. It's my favourite TV show ever and I too don't understand why many people want it to be cancelled.


Registered Member
I think another reason some people hate this show is because of the many pop culture references in every show. If your not familiar with 70's and 80's TV, Music, and pop culture there are so many jokes that you just wont get and then the show would be frustrating and annoying to watch.