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Why do people forget pets get bigger?


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Title says it all. I'll chime in later


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Because most people suffer from consumer mentality where you just get rid of something when it no longer suits you, so it's not your problem when that happens (according to them), but the problem of the thing (or pet, in this case) that no longer suits you.

I hear it all the time.

"Flush the goldfish if it gets too big for the tank."

"Send the dog to a shelter if it gets too expensive."

The list goes on.

And these same people will go buy puppies again after getting rid of their 2-year-old dog.


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People can be disgusting. If you buy a large breed expect it to get large.


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I used to have a pet cockatiel. When I was twelve years old, my parents purchased him. He was only a few months old at the time.

However, cockatiels are almost as small as parakeets, even the ones that are fully grown. So my bird, Luke, never got much bigger. He was a little squirt his whole life, ha, ha.


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It’s really sad. Everyone gets excited about a puppy and in a year they are hardly even taking care of the dog,

I’m a bit different. While I like puppies just fine, I prefer older dogs. The thing is that older dogs are trained, better behaved, break less things, and are slightly lower energy.

I grew up with four dogs at one point. We adopted one as a puppy and the other three were technically rescues from owners that didn’t want them. It was pretty sad for them, happy for us. We loved all those dogs until they died of natural causes, one is still alive.


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I enjoy large dogs, honestly the one I bought 3 years ago I thought would be a St. Bernard mix dog cause I've always wanted a large dog. Turns out it was a Lab/Pyrenees mix, but he still grew and I love him. I'm personally not fond of tiny/tea-cup sized dogs myself.

But every dog I've had I've had for the long run, they're suppose to grow with you and share the time with you, not just be tossed away because they're not small and babies anymore.


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Some people buy pets like they buy accessories or toys --- but the latter don't change size or grow or involve more responsibilities. So when their pets do, they don't know how to handle it.


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When my parents purchased my pet cockatiel back in the day, we knew he'd always be a physically small pet. We knew he wouldn't get much larger in size.