Why do people believe in gods and why do people argue against the believers when neit

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    My question is... Why do people believe in gods and why do people argue against the believers when neither of them can submit proof?

    There is not enough proof to say they, she or he exists but there is also not enough to say that they, she or he doesnt.

    Why do people believe in something that cant be proven? Also why do people argue against the believers about something they themselves cannot prove?

    And finally why do people waste time doing both arguing and believing, wouldn't it be easier to worry about what happens now and how you live now then what happens when you die? What are your views and comments on GOD and why is it you think this way?

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    I don't think in terms of dichotomies like proven/unproven, but rather look at things in terms of how much justification they have. We might say a model that bests fits the currently available evidence and a wild guess are both equal in terms of their being unproven, but they're hardly equal in terms of the justification for believing them. So if a group of people want to have their wild guess taught in classrooms, and in science classrooms of all things, I feel like I have a responsibility to call them out, and make their views look every bit as absurd as they are.

    Furthermore, I think the universe is beautiful and amazing, and find it a shame that more people don't care to understand how it works. When you just say, "God did it," all the mystery and majesty seems drained from it, and humanity seems to lose all purpose. We're how the universe sees and understands itself, and "kindle a light of meaning, in the darkness of mere being."
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    Both sides feel their beliefs are proven. I have my beliefs and my faith and I feel that it's justified and has been proven. Whether someone feels differently is up to them and I respect their beliefs, or nonbeliefs if you will. What has been proven or not proven is in the eye of the beholder.
    If you believe that your soul will spend time somewhere for eternity based on how you lived your life then it's not wasting time and it wouldn't be easier to worry about what happens.
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    I personally find the universe, the world and nature really amazing. And I still say "God did it" and I don't feel for a second that it loses mystery. I think it's amazing the way God was so methodical that he thought down to the tiniest detail, like dew in the morning, the life of ants and other insects, cactus' in the desert, etc. etc.

    Yeah I know I side tracked form the OP again... Sorry.
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