Why do people adore celebrities so much?


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Celebrities are just people, with some popular achievements. I understand that they could be role models, but it starts to get a little extreme when people start to addict themselves to their favorite celebrities.

Sure its fine when people get a little freaked out when they meet someone, but when they start buying anything that (insert celebrity) is related to in some way, that gets a little freaky.

For example, I heard that Emma Watson (Plays Hermione Granger on HP) is going to Brown. There's no doubt in my mind that there are at least a few thousand HP/Emma Watson fans that are going to apply to Brown purely for the reason to meet/hang out/see her.

That just pisses me off. They're wasting their futures and their money for such a ridiculous reason. In addition, they probably are tarnishing Brown's reputation. (This is just a possibility, I'm not saying that they will.)

But seriously, is there really a reason why people have to addict themselves to celebs so much? (role models yes, but the "role model" reason starts to become slightly unbelievable when people start to become more like her and sometimes dedicate their lives toward her.)
People see the glam life and want apart of it. They try to get close to celebrities to see if they can have their piece of the pie.

That, and sometimes people fall in love with celebrities characters they play in roles. They wanna get with that character - not the actual celebrity him/herself - which sometimes involves stalking, harassment and other task that are sort of oddball-ish to get close to them.

They're wasting their futures and their money for such a ridiculous reason.
Honestly, we're all doing this is some way, shape or form. Heck, I'm chilling out on the Internet when I could be donating blood, making better of myself or making better of somebody else. And, in your example of moving just for the sake of getting close to that celebrity is strange, but meh, I don't judge them. Who knows, while they probably won't get him/her they could possibly find a new love interest.

Floating with the wind works for some people. :eek:
People adore celebs because they are pathetic and have no life. Those are only the ones that cry when celebs die or want to know everyone that they're dating and who cheated on who and all that personal shit that is none of their business. Normal people only take a slight interest in normal things, like what movie they'll be playing in or what team they'll be traded to.


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No offense to anyone, but Konshentz, I think you just described men and women, Generally.
The women that adore celebs, and the men that just don't care.
lol, its sort of befitting I guess. And it wasn't very surprising to me.

BTW, I'm not a sexist, if you are offended in any way by this, I apologize
In a sense it's true people look up to these celebs for their fame and interesting lifestyles. It does get scary when marriage and stalking behaviour comes to mind.

What fans don't realise is celebs were once normal and boring so they aren't much different from the man on the street.


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Simply put?

  • People drive Mustangs, because other people like Mustangs.
  • People overpay for brand name clothing, because other people overpay for brand name clothing.
  • People listen to Rap/Hip-Hop/Pop music because other people listen to Rap/Hip-Hop/Pop music.
  • Inevitably, people like celebrities, because other people like celebrities.

You cannot un-hypocritically say these people are "pathetic" or "stupid" without having looked deep within yourself and discovered your own inner-conformist.

Realizing that celebrities are normal, everyday people is not so shocking a discovery as realizing that you yourself are more often than not just as guilty of the same sins for which you so vehemently condemn others.
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I'm sure everyone has their favourite celebrity, whether it be a musician, actor, sports star etc. I think it's a little extreme when people try to be like them or want to do the same things as them but it's nice for people to admire someone that much.


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Well it's a good question. I don't know the answer myself though, haha.

I'm guilty of a few of the things that have been mentioned but i don't go overboard. I have posters in my room of my favourite celebrities but i don't try to be like them, nor do i buy every piece of merchandise available. I buy hardely any of it actually.

I mostly like bands, as well as a few actors and sports people. The bands i like because of their music primarily but also because they seem like good people. I know there are girls out there who know so much about their favourite celebrity that they feel as if they actually know them, and they also believe that they will end up marrying them or whatever. I'm not like that, but those people are definately out there.

I don't really know what point im trying to put across at the moment lol, i guess people like celebrities because they seem different, and they have jobs that are unrealistic to most of us, yet people can relate to them as well and see them as rolemodels.
Maybe it's because my friends and mother etc are magazine crazy, but talk of celebrities makes me shuddder. I'm talking about the magazines that have pictures of these people, lindsay lohan or whoever, on the beach and captions such as "oh noez! 1 square inch of cellulite!!" I'm only interested in people who have done amazing things or actually had/have talent, most of whom are dead now anyways haha.

I'd say people adore them because of the kind of lifestyle they lead, there's nothing more to it really. Looking up to people that they envy. And the media doesn't help at all. :/