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Discuss Why do I go to school?


New Member
Why do I go to high school? I don't know what to do after I graduate and I feel like I work harder than most people on my school work and have little to show for it. I'm a senior and I don't know why I slave over my school work when others give it little effort and get the same results.


Well-Known Member
Passing is not the only result. There's also knowing the stuff that's taught in high school.

Personally, I put a lot of effort into high school. Not way too much effort but well enough to have actually learned nearly all of what I was taught.

Doing well in high school is important because it will help you get into college (where you get to study programs for specific types of careers that interest you). Doing well in school also has the lasting effect of helping a person appear to be intelligent and professional, that's very useful in every situation.


Free Spirit
Staff member
You should finish school even if you pass by a hair and since this is your last year you don't have long to go. You will have the satisfaction of getting that diploma. Besides that someday when you do decide what you want to do and you will have it. You won't have to go back to try to get it.

I also had to study a lot in school but I hung in there and finished. I'm seriously glad I did even though at the times I thought it would never end. I got so sick of studying when some of my friends seemed to put forth little effort for the same grade. So I know what you mean about that.

Don't worry about how others do just do your best. There's probably more people like you in school than you know.


Registered Member
Seniors always get that. Your not alone.

1. So you dont eff up Christmas. You will probaly get more gifts if you stay in school.
2. Because thats where everybody else is.
3. Trust me. Missing classes can get seriously boring.
4. Because nobody likes a loser.

Just deal with it. You wont regret it if you do but you could if you dont... on so many levels. Its only one year to finish up so dont toss all that work you already did.