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Why do I collect Hughes stuff??!


Registered Member
As my username implies, I collect Hughes. Or rather, I collect Hughes Aircraft Company items, which are not all that easy to find anymore (since they have been pretty much out of business since 1997). But...why?

I have no personal connection to the company. Neither I nor anyone in my family has ever worked there. Or even lived anywhere near any of their locations.

I have no interest in Howard Hughes (except in relation to his founding the company), nor am I even slightly interested in avaition or airplanes or anything like that. Actually Hughes didn't even build planes except in its earliest years- it mainly was involved in aerospace, electronics, and defense work. Many people don't realize that even today, they seem to think it was just like Boeing or something.

It all started when I was about 15. How many teen girls take an interest in some corporation for no real good reason? But I did. Don't ask me to explain. No can do.

And here I am many, many years later and still occasionally collecting stuff relating to it! I have T-shirts (both vintage genuine as well as newer replicas), a coffee mug, a couple of old and probably broken digital watches made by Hughes in the 1970s, as well as other assorted odds and ends. I even have a real sign with their logo that came from one of their offices, along with a framed 'Mission and Guiding Values' from the same office.

And just this past week I ordered two books about the history of the company!

What. The. Heck?! :spin: *Runs off to see a shrink*

So what makes some people collect completely random, weird stuff anyway?


Sally Twit
Some people are hoarders and will start something and find it hard to stop.
When I was a kid I would collect ring pulls. My dad's from his lager, mine from fizzy drinks, etc. I would ask my friends and family to save them for me. Many years ago different drinks would have different coloured ring pulls but they have stopped doing that now. I think that was where my fascination started because it was so colourful seeing them all in a big pot.

I guess if you don't care about what you're collecting then you could always try and sell it?


Registered Member
Nah, I don't want to sell anything at this point. I don't really understand my interest, but at least I have a hobby. :rolleyes:

(And I do have other categories that I have collections for too. Gives me something to do I guess.)


Free Spirit
Staff member
I'm the same way when it comes to Fire King dishes. I don't need them and have no place for them. I have often said I will buy no more but I see one in a junk store or yard sale at a price I can't refuse. Go figure, I guess I have an attachment to them for some reason.


Registered Member
Nice T-shirts is my addiction. If I never bought another T-shirt in my life I'd have plenty, but I cannot seem to stop myself. The ones I buy are not the expensive ones, no way, just ones that are "nice" to me.

I do occasionally need to purchase more plain white ones - the type which one wears under a white shirt to go to work. The ones I am referring to are the weekend ones, the wear around town ones - I have boxes filled with them!