Why do fat women get more support than short men????


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Short men have the worst out of anybody...women and men disrespect you all the time but if you rebuttal, people claim that you have Napoleon complex.

If you are a fat woman, you can obviously just lose weight and teir problem is solved but they seem to be so emotionally distress despite the fact their problem can actually be solved.

Now why is it that fat women get more support than short men??? Does anybody date short men????


personally, i wouldn't date shorter men.
i'm not the tallest girl, ever. but no matter how short or tall i am, i wouldn't date a shorter man.
i think is silly looking at taller women dating shorter men.
man is always seen as taller than woman. while fat woman is more acceptable than short man.

all said above is as psychologically thought .


Are you serious? why do short men even need support? and where did the comparison between overweight women and short men come from? what!
yeah at first i thought it was irrelevant but then i think he meant "just as a man's problem is height, a woman's problem is weight".
who's more supported?

at least that's how i got it.


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Yeaaaaah... I think short men usually DO have a Napolean Complex...

But then again, I don't support fat women either. I just ummm let it be. Be fat, be short... I don't care. I don't make fun of either. Similarly, I don't SUPPORT either.

I just don't care either way... I'm very indifferent, I suppose.


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Women get their share of criticism for their weight, not just the fat ones but the thin ones too. Either they're labeled as lazy or superficial (not wanting to eat) even if their condition is something they can't really change easily. But I don't know how one can really compare the two (the support women get and men get for two different things).


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Support means various sources such as media outlets that console fat women and what they can do to adapt socially or lose weight.

  • Tyra Banks went on a rampage about being fat and was angry about it so she made some episodes on the subjectand how these particular women can adapt to it socially and mentally.
  • There are many magazines that support fat women and tell them hoe to dress and how to lose weight to adapt socially.
  • Alot of men put out the fact that they have love for big women and prefer them instead of skinny women.
  • "Monique". She has many sources (modeling, movies, shows) that support fat women.
That is what I mean when I say support.

Since this is the dating section, I wanted to compare fat women to short men. That is usually the deal breaker when it comes to the opposite sex choosing partners. Alot of men do not want to dat fat women and alot of women do not want to date short men.

So the question I was asking was why do fat women get more "support" than short men?? Do any of you like short men?? I also stated that it seems funny that short men are not suppoerted for something that they have no control over whil fat women are supported for something that can be changed over a short period of time and hard work. Just some random discussion on the subject. I did not know that so many people would be confused :rolleyes:.


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I don't really believe that either are handed the sympathy card, they're human like we are and live their lives just like us, but with thier own limitations and expectations. Big women are attractive.....to an extent, but at least they still breath and love their body...or some do.

Short people are just fun to be around, especially those that make fun of themselves, they're just a riot and make awesome friends.