Why do/don't you post a comment on blogs/websites?

Hello everyone, as the title above says: Why do or don't you post a comment on blogs or websites (youtube comments, things like that)? What is the motivation behind doing it? Sometimes I see web pages with 10 000 views but only 20 people make a comment?

Any ideas? :confused:
I very rarely comment on youtube videos unless I really really liked the video, or I actually have something to say about it or to the owner/maker. If it has loads of comments already I'm much less likely to comment.

I don't comment on blogs because I don't read them much and usually when I do, they are fairly old ones, but I probably wouldn't comment even if they were recent. Again, unless I had something to say.


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I never leave a comment on things like YouTube. As for blogs.. these are normally written when things are going wrong, Some i've read are depressing so i don't bother reading them either. I would never write a blog as if someone is reading it and i've been negative or unhappy i don't want them feeling sorry for me.


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I don't leave comments because I can never be bothered.
I leave comments on GF blogs sometimes but that's only if I want to give my opinion on something.


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I like to post my opinion on websites and blogs. I also like to read other people's comments as well. It's fun to see other people's opnions, as well as get replys on your own comments. So yes, I do post, and pretty frequently.
I post comments on YouTube videos all the time, even moreso if someone decides to pick an argument with me like on a political or sports video. But political or social blogs I stay away from becuase they tend to be extremely biased and I know even with all the resources on the net I still can't win those battles.
Hmm, yea you are right. What is the point to making a comment?

If you had to come up with a reason to comment, what might it be? Does anything come to mind?

I can't really think of anything off the top of my head.. :-/


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I comment on Blogs and posted videos only if I found them interesting or well made vids.
Most of the time I just read the blogs and watch the videos but every once in a while you find that hidden jem that you just have to make comment on.
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