Why did you guy/girls decide to join??



Why did people join here...
I join cause Vince Carter asked me too...and i was kinda gettin tired of M2


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Vince nagged me until I joined basically, and it goes all down hill from that until he caught me again on AIM^^; Nuff said really.


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Vince aimed me so I happily joined. The anime section really attracted me to the forum(It was very active at the time). But all the people were cool and the forum was fun to come to so I decided to stay.
We get one of these threads like once a month... boooring.

To answer the question: Vince made me join, Vince convinced me to stay after I only posted an intro, and then I just got involved and found it was fun.


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Vince got me here over M2

Even I was no.1 (spammer there) so I decided to join

I didnt like the site at the start but It got better