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Why did You Decide To Join/Stay In This Forum?


still nobody's bitch
I was recruited by a fellow member at a hockey forum that I never really went to because they were all pricks there. I was bored so I thought I'd give it a shot. I almost left when I first joined because I seemed to be the oldest person around, except for Hoosier. I stick around now because I've made some really good friends here and I enjoy the people here.


Creeping On You
I joined with pretzelcorps because the forum we were running for our friends died off, and I'd just been banned from my previous forum because they were a bunch of cliqueish pricks. Yah so me and him tested out a few forums, and gf stuck because it had lots of members, was constantly active and people actually replied to our intros with intelligence haha. Also the admin and mods weren't pricks. They were unbiased for the most part, not just a clique of bullies.


Registered Member
I joined because I don't like asparagus (long story). I just googled "general forums", to find a forum that talks about any and everything (especially including video games). This one was in the list! Rebeccaaa was very helpful and nobody was riding my bleep. After I posted to a few threads, I noticed that people here were all very different and very intelligent! I read more than I post and have learned a lot!
I can't post as much in the summer cause I'm usually too bizzed just having fun. But I never leave a forum I like so I'll prolly just stay in this one forever.


Embrace the Suck
I've stuck around because Anita is here and I've met a lot of people here and have enjoyed the discussions.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
I joined under the advisement of a real-life friend (Millz). We had both posted on a Sports Forum, but I loved the fact that this has pretty much everything under the sun to talk about.

I stayed because of the dedication of the staff, and the fact that if you stick around and participate people end up feeling like family. Definitely a great community.


Well-Known Member
I know Hybrix in RL, is that enough of a reason?

Well actually I stayed because I really enjoy the wide variety of discussions that we have around here. There's room to talk about just about anything which is great when you have a wide variety of things that interest you.

I tend to stick to gaming, general, tech, and sometimes political and religious forums at this place.


Registered Member
I joined this forum because the forum I was a part of for years died, and I've been looking for a replacement. Sonnilion was on the old forum, he's a good friend of mine, and he recommended this place so I decided to give it a try.

It's definitely better than the last forum we tried. -_-


yellow 4!
I joined 'cause the previous forum I was at was only active during snooker season, and the members were/at a bit potty.

I stayed because I <3 the people and I would never be able to get used to any other forum without immense amounts of effort. Besides the fact that I don't even want to try.