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Question Why did you choose your job?


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I chose my job because I desperately needed one and they were hiring anyone who could add 1+1. So I just about got the job!

The job itselt isnt bad. I work in a warehouse. It isnt to much hard work and I get to have a laugh with my colleagues. My Im just an agency worker. Which means I get very little pay and basically no benifits.

Every year I make a promise to myself that I will find myself a job that pays a little better, which never prooves to be easy.


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My mother in law loves to get her nails done and in early 2008 she contracted a yeast infection in her nail beds because the salon she was going to did not use proper disinfecting and sanitation practices. It was really horrible to see her have to go threw all the pain she had to go through. She couldn't even get her nails done for 5 months after because she had to wait till she was completely healed.

Well one night at the dinner table we got to taking about it and the idea poped into my head that "hey I could do it, really how hard can it be?" All my life i have been a very artistic person. I love to draw, paint and sculpt. So the next week I went down and signed up at the local beauty college and enrolled in there Manicuring program. It only took me 4 months to complete the mandatory 400 hrs of school and I passed all the tests in order to graduate. In October 08 I went and took the state board exam and passed with flying colors!

I love my job, being self employed is the best thing in the world for me in my opinion, I can make my own hours and come and go as a plz. Plus doing what I love and having the passion that I have for turning someones hands into a work of art, my art, is very rewarding and fulfilling.... Plus the pay is great too :D


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I took my current job because my last one was awful (debt collecting) and because this one has plenty of space to move up meaning hopefully I will be moving out soon and getting on with my life.


Well at the time I got this job I had already been in retail for 9 years and I chose to stay in retail and my brother knew both store managers where I currently work so that worked out great.


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I joined the Army mostly for financial reasons, but also because I wanted to serve my country, I figured it would look good on a resume, etc.


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I chose it because it was the only job available for me around campus besides being a lab TA. Being a telemarketer for a university is easily money in PA.


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It wasn't what I was doing for years although it can be related because it's still training (I used to do HR training and materials devt). I picked it because I need to work and it's an interesting job to translate, help people and be in an international environment.


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I got into my current job right out of college and I was pretty lucky to land it because so many people who die to have the job that I have.

I didn't really want to get into sales necessarily but it was the perfect chance at the perfect time so I wasn't going to let it pass.


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I didn't choose my job, it chose me, In other words, I have to do it if I don't want to stay on the street and smoke cigarettes someone's just thrown.

Years ago, I used to learn Media also and now I'm doing a completely non-relative job with what I've learned. Sounds similar, right. It happens always.


My current job is just part time work while I am studying to help me pay for a few things. It's at a Gourmet Pizza Bar and I just took it because the work was available and I can fit the shifts around my classes.

As for career, that freaks me out a bit. Like you Gin I'd like to get into the filmmaking process somewhere, and am currently studying animation. It's far from a 'safe' career choice and hardly any animators actually make it big in the industry and get into the big studios. It's what I really want to do though so I figure I should just try my hardest, and if it doesn't work out I'll fall back on something later.

My course actually prepares us for this, and teaches us graphic design and web design as well, almost as a back-up for when we can't find animation work.