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Question Why did you choose your job?


aka ginger warlock
I never really wanted to go into IT as such, the first time I went to college I was studying Media and wanted to take that to go onto film making. Sadly I only lasted a year in college as I came to realise very quickly that if I wanted to actually make money this was something that had major hazards on wanting to have money. I had always been interested in IT and I liked computers but it was only when I went back to college a second and third time that I actually did anything with regards to IT.

The first job I had in IT was working for a family run business building and fixing PCs, sadly this job did not last very long and its actually what drove me to go back to college but when I finished there IT became very much a part of my life, I moved for a job in IT and I have never looked back.

The thing is I don't know if this is a career for me, the idea of a career scares me mainly because I don't have a huge amount of self-confidence and am affectively just waiting for the rug to be pulled out from underneath me, do I want to do this for the rest of my life? I don't know. Will I be? I can't answer that either, it seems these days that a lot of people I know including myself are affectively just hovering, doing enough to get by but not really investing in a long term approach that people of my father’s generation did. Where do you stand on this?


blue 3
I didn't have a choice. I had been unemployed for about 6 months and needed to get back on my feet. Worked my tail off and went from 6.25 - 13 an hour in less than a year and a half. However, after having my son I am stuck here until I can find another job that is 12-13 an hour or else I can't support myself, my son and my girlfriend.


New Member
I found my job searching for a computer technician job, I work at Staples and have kind of done a complete circle, I was hired as a weekend techncian, then made the move to sales, and when I moved across the city, I switched store locations and was brought in to help with sales, and a month and a half later I was promoted to Lead Computer Techncian, I am semi-actively searching for a new job and may have a nice one lined up that pays between 18 and 25 dollars an hour which is much nicer than my current $12 an hour rate. This is definitely the field I am going to be in for the rest of my working life! Although Ginock you should know that having higher self confidence is going to get you much further, just think if people are coming to you to have their computers or such fixed they must think you know your stuff, you just have to believe they are right.


Creeping On You
What the heck robert? lol. Anyways.

I didn't choose my job so much as it chose me. I was looking for a job for about a month and I ended up with an interview at this place. Then like a month after the interview they called me out of the blue to offer me the job. I needed a paycheque so I accepted the job and thats why I have ajob today.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I was lucky to get this Government job. My friend had it before me(through an agency) and he found a permanent job elsewhere so he talked to his director and the agency and they were able to bring me in. I'm very fortunate to have this job since before that I worked at dead-end jobs since graduating High School. I'm still not permanent, but I've been here for close to three years now.


It was the first one available & I needed money. It's a dead end job, but at least it's something for now. I've been here close to a year & I already want to murder people. :lol:


Registered Member
I chose it because I had the best chance at getting it, and we need money. My sincere choice would be to get out of biotech and quality because I'm a little burned out. On the other hand, I am grateful I was hired.

The long road to what I do now initially started with my interest in animals. I got my degree in animal health and then hated working for veterinarians. Then I got a job at a company that manufactured diagnostic kits for animals, and functioned as a technical service rep. In that job, I had to do some writing and next found myself in preclinical research writing protocols and reports. A natural part of that is watching for inconsistencies in the methods and results, and poof, I find that I have an eye for quality. Been doing it now for over 11 years.


rainbow 11!
I didn't really have a choice. I needed something and Target was hiring. I just hope soon I can get focused on school and actually get a career started for myself. I'm taking a human nutrition class and I'm hoping that I might be interested enough to make it a career for myself.


It's not me, it's you.
This one just kind of fell into my lap. I had been unemployed for 6 months, which has been the longest I have been without work since turning 17. My father works at this company as a salesman, and mentioned that they were thinking of making some personnel changes. He got me an interview with the owners. They liked me, thought I would do well for the company, but didn't know where to put me. I ended up over at their 2nd location. I made myself useful and within 2 months they had me over at their main office doing invoicing.

I enjoy it a lot. I make a little more money than I did in my previous job, but the most awesome part is that I get company paid medical insurance. At my previous place of employment, I was having to pay for that myself. So not only did I get a slight raise, but it feels like a bigger raise since medical coverage isn't being deducted from my paychecks.


Sally Twit
I applied for every Admin job going 7 years ago because I was desperate for a job. I just wanted to earn some money so that I could start giving my mum and dad some. After a while I hated lounging around the house while they went out each day to earn a living.
I have been in the same company since I was 19 but had several different jobs there. My favourite was Customer Services.