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Why did I lose my spree?


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So, I was at about a 90 day posting spree, going for 100, and I get back to post last night and it's gone. From what I understood, it is based on our own timezones right? And i'm 99% sure I met the requirements. So...what the hell?
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I might be wrong but I was pretty sure that posting sprees were all synced to 12:00am (midnight) GMT.


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The same thing happened to me. I got to about 112 days, and I never got the 100 day award, and then one day it reset itself. Nothing was ever done about it, no matter how much I complained about it.


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Well, I always thought it used to be like that, but I was pretty sure it got changed a while back because everyone was losing sprees. I could be wrong though.
Yeah...this thread: http://www.generalforum.com/site-news/spree-awards-now-time-zone-based-59284.html
The only thing about that he is does say...
hiberix said:
Actual 1 post per day spree stats are still according to the server though.
Which confuses me, but it might be something to do with why you lost yours?


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Well, even though on the homepage it's reset itself, the bar that counts towards the award is still going up. Talk about confusing.