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Why can't we all get along?


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
In my usual fashion I'm going to leave this open for discussion and contemplation by everyone. I'll jump in with any points I want to make later on.

I have a very clear answer to this question that I really believe in. Inequality leads to conflict.


Problematic Shitlord
Inequality is just a variable amongst a sea of a million more. Unless of course you mean by inequality, that we all don't come from the exact same background, values, everything. If we were all exactly alike in every single aspect, there'd be no fighting. So simply put, difference is what makes us not get along. Or perhaps you could even say variability itself.


Oh, poppycock.
Our natural instincts are to fear anything different, and we are all different from one another. It sounds simple and logical, but think about the fact that people who get along the best are most similar most of the time.


Son of Liberty
I dont believe Humans can get along because of one thing: "The Pursuit of Happiness".

Sounds abstract but if you think about it, its really not. I hate to jump straight to politics, but consider this;

Politician makes a decision that All people with Natural Brown Hair are now exempt from Taxes.
Now People are split into two categories. Those with Brown hair and those without. Those without are not directly hurt or affected.... yet they are now pissed off because they didn't get in on the tax break. Brunettes are happy because they got the recognition they've always wanted and they don't understand why everyone else is upset... which means they must be jealous right?

Animosity between the two groups escalates for no reason other than the pursuit of happiness. Its perceived that Brunettes are now Happier than all others... and the natural reaction is mostly based in Jealousy, which spawns anger, which leads to hatred, which has potential for Violence.
As ridiculous as that scenario is, I honestly believe thats the cause of all problems. People are so concerned with their own Pursuit of happiness that the easiest way to judge it is by doing so against other people. And if other people are happier than you... you become frustrated, question why, question why do they deserve that excess happiness and you dont?

I believe this is a large reason why there is such disdain for the upper class. Sure they are in positions of power and have pockets lined with more cash than whats in my life savings... but why should I be angry at them? Why couldnt we get along?

To further the Stigmas, the anticipation of frustration becomes the norm. The Brunettes then see Blondes and immedietely think "They dont like me" which completes the circle as the inability to get along is cemented in. Even if said Blonde had no issue with the Brunette in the first place, they'll then experience the anticipation of frustration and get the impression "Brunettes are stuck up assholes".

What has initially caused the animosity that will never allow us to just get along? In my honest opinion, I believe alot of it is based in Religion. To me Organized Religion has spawned some of the worst bloodbaths in human history. If not directly, then without a doubt indirectly. People are taught that their religion is superior and all others will not be admitted into their Heaven, which means they either sit in a Purgatory or even Hell itself... all for not being a Customer of that church. But yet the other side looks at that scenario the same, only from their perspective. Those who are not followers will not get into the Paradise, those who have been passionate & prolific followers will be Kings among men.

I've yet to talk to a devout Catholic that would disagree I'm destined to burn in hell, or an Adamant Christian that thinks I'm worthy of their Heaven, or a Steadfast Muslim that doesn't think I'm the Great Satan already. What bigger hoax designed to pit human against human in our "civilized" history can you think of than that?
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No matter how hard anybody on earth will try, we won't ever get along.

There are just some people that aren't willing to try.


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I kind of like the Nietscheian answer to this question. People desire power, therefore there cannot be peace amongst us.

From our desire for power comes pride, jealousy, greed, and everything else that causes strife between people.


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I think it's because most of us are taught, either officially or unofficially, that differing opinions and disagreement are bad things. I tend to find that the more exposure people have had to other modes of thought, cultures, ideas, that they tend to get along with a lot more people than most.

Thing is, disagreement is wonderful! While it's important for groups to find a common cause so that things actually get done, the very reason we have pretty much anything in this world is that someone disagreed with the status quo, and made something else. This tendency multiplied with each culture each other has run into, and as people gain individuality by picking from this melting-pot of ideas, and now two people born at the same time at the same place can have completely opposing views! It's a great thing!

Every time some great invention of world-changing idea has come into play, it came from the one human who went against the herd. And if you think back on your life, the best conversations you've ever had were probably very involved disagreements with another open-minded individual. We can all disagree in peace.

It all comes back to learning. If we can learn, ourselves, and teach others that two groups can disagree completely and not go at each others' throats over stupid things, then everything will be fine. I find with the learnings I've pursued, that I now disagree with most everybody I meet.

I also learn from them, and I hang around people who know how to agree to disagree.


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I recommend you study the study of the sociologist Margaret Mead. She studied 2 tribes, each culture had different cultural traits and values.
Now this is a study about temperament but prehaps this can explain why we cant get along, and why these tribes would never get along because of their cultral traits, values, way of life, etc...


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And wouldn't it become rather boring in life, if everyone, everywhere, got along??
No debates....no discussions......rather hum drum I'd think~


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Everyone has their own values, how they see life and how they live it. Personalities also clash.