Why can't there be world peace?


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There are so many individuals out there who say that all they want is peace and no agression towards anyone else in the world, and it's not just the western civilization's individuals who think that way.

But for the life of me I cannot fathom why there cannot be world peace which includes the nations of the world and not just wishful thinking individuals.
If it's not the individuals' fault then who's it is that we don't have global peace?

What is the point of fighting one another? Even religious reasons are as silly as political reasons.

What if the whole world just laid down their arms and declared world peace? How could that go wrong?
Why hasn't it been achieved yet? Is it even achieveable?

Call me naive, or whatever, but I just don't see any sense in all this fighting among us.


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Boredie said:
What if the whole world just laid down their arms and declared world peace? How could that go wrong?
Why hasn't it been achieved yet? Is it even achieveable?
Sadly world peace will not happen as there will always be boundaries that divide us and with enough people who feel passionately enough to attack others to enforce those differences.:( Just the concept of world peace would be enough for the arms dealers to start a war!:sigh:

I can see peace on a global scale happening via two sets of circumstances. The first would be where we are threatened by something that forces us to all join forces(Extraterrestrial- Independence day scenario where we all unite so that Will Smith can save us:cool:).

The second scenario would only be after enough bloodshed that the entire globe exists under a totalitarian state where all opposition has already been exterminated or forced to submission.

Call me naive, or whatever, but I just don't see any sense in all this fighting among us.
You're naive:lick:

No, really its a nice thought to cherish and hope for, in some ways its what keeps us ticking, the problem being is that reality bites.
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As long as there are sick crazy people in the world who wish to harm us, we will never have world peace. Would peace be nice? Sure it would, but it's not realistic. There is evil in the world that we can't ignore. It must be stopped.


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Maby its... anyone who gets to a position high enough to even get us closer to world peace is overwhelmed by greed. Or sourounded by people who are overwhelmed by greed.

Your right though. That is a good question becasue ALOT of people do want peace. lol


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It's because people do not want peace.

Most, all except radical pacifists, say "I want peace, BUT ...".

And this "BUT" is what makes wars become reality time and again.

Like Americans, who say "we want peace, BUT ... there is evil in the world and we must stop it, even with war, if necessary". Or "we want peace, BUT there are dictatorships we must stop, so we go to war."

Or religious extremists who say "we want peace, BUT there are infidels who need to be converted." Or terrorists who say "we want peace, BUT infidels like the US are invading our countries, stealing our oil and installing regimes who oppress our peoples."

Or simply materialistic conflicts in the world, when a people says "we want peace, BUT our neighbors take OUR resources and lands, so we have to take back with force what's ours."

There is no peace because people don't want it. Everybody loves the idea of peace, but only when their demands are satisfied. When they are not, many bring soon up a big "BUT" and are willing to start wars over this "BUT".


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Because, in a nutshell, Human's are generally bastards. They're lonely and weak, and to combat/hide that, they use aggression to appear big and strong, picking on other people's weaknesses to appear stronger, and therefore dominant. What makes it worse is that by picking on other's weakness, you instil in the other party the need to dominate and control as well - therefore the aggression spreads.

Also, you have to remember one important thing - a person is intelligent; people (plural) are stupid. Pretty much all Humans suffer from herd syndrome.
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Everyone wants their way, they want to tell others how to live and what to do. That's why there will never be world peace. The only way to world peace is to wipe out the human race. Plain and simple.


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Not enough beauty queens to promote world peace. :rolleyes:

I wonder if it's not related to caring. We care about something (land, family, power, ideals) and we fight for it. We care too much about other people's business, we start to interfere and get into a fight. We care about winning, no matter how useless what we're fighting for or how we go about it. Sometimes we even fight without really knowing why *cough,iraq*. We also care when someone is different from us. We don't let them be.

Hmm...sadly no one cares about living in peace above all things. There's always something else that takes priority.


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The problem is that everyone's definition of peace is different and everyone wants their definition to be the world definition.


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There is a provoking statement, iirc by Prussian/German military strategist and theorist Carl von Clausewitz (who also coined the phrase "war is continuation of politics with different means"): "War begins with defense."

What did he mean? He wanted to point out that there is peace on one side, but will on the other. The will of making others comply to our demands and interests.

A provoking statement: Had nobody resisted the Nazi's demands, there would have been peace, no war, for example. And indeed, history seems to confirm this:

We say WW2 started with Germany's attack on Poland in 1939, the moment when someone rook weapons first to resist Germany's demands. We do not say WW2 started, when Germany broke the Versailles Treaty, by rearming, in 1935 -- the Allies complied, so there was peace. WW2 did not start when Germany annexed Austria in March 1938 -- the Allies complied to Hitler's demands, so there was peace. WW2 did not start either, when Germany annexed Czechoslovakia in March 1939 -- again, the Allies complied and even the Czechs capitulated, so there was peace.

But when the Poles resisted in September 1939, WW2 started.

"War begins with defense."