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Why Are Vitamins And Supplements So Big ??


I am so tired of seeing those horse pills is there ANY Vitamins and/or Supplements that are regular size caplets or the size of pain relievers ???????


still nobody's bitch
what are you looking for, just a multivitamin? If that's all you're looking for, dude, try a children's chewable, no joke. I take one from time to time.


The way I see it, there are two possible reasons for the size of multivitamins. One would be the difference in nutrient needs for children and adults could make the pill need to be bigger to contain the larger requirements for adults (though I'm not sure about this one, since kids have higher needs in some areas. I would need to flip through some of my text books to confirm, and I don't really feel like it at the moment). The other possibility would be to deter children from taking them. Especially in the area if iron, if kids were to take too much it could be fatal. They may have decided that if they make them large enough, kids would be less likely to try and ingest them.

Or maybe supplement producers hate you and want you yo suffer. That's also a possibility.


I am looking for something to help me with my joints, especially my hands that feel like they are swollen but are not and ache (onset of arthritis I believe) my hands feel that way most mornings and sometimes during the night and I am hoping a supplement of some kind would help instead of pain pills and creams.

thanks in advance for any/all help :cool:


yellow 4!
This might sound stoopid, but can't you just cut a tablet with a knife and swallow it in two halves instead of the whole? I have a friend who is terrible with pills so she cuts them and gets her mum to hide them in her sandwiches.


I tried cutting them in half but they are still too thick and the ones with gel in them like vitamin E as an example you can't cut in half.