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Whose your 4th OF on the Jays?


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( my bad if this was discussed in another post) But with Spring Training wrapping up, Jays have a couple things to decide with respect to their roster. The most important ones are SP and bullpen obviously, but a 4th OF may prove to be important too considering the health of Saunders and Bats. Thus, who'd you guys like to see win the spot. Candidates that come to mind:

Dominic Brown: Kid still has massive potential. Was an All-Star couple years ago and put up solid numbers. Derailed over the past 2 seasons, but he even admitted his struggles were because of his hitting approach. If he can work on his approach, this guy may be a solid power bat off the bench. To note, Dominic Brown is not on the 40-man roster, so move would have to come to get him a spot.

Junior Lake: Young as well, but doesn't have the same upside as Brown. Can play all 3 OF positions, and is average on decent. Bat is known more for contact, and has good speed. Pinch-runner type.

Ezequiel Carrera: ZEKE! Front-runner for the job considering he was their 4th OF for most of last season. Nothing special when it comes to Zeke as he's decent in every facet. Can play all 3 OF positions well, good range, and decent speed. Also, good discipline at the plate.

Darrell Ceciliani: An all-round complete player. Has raked in Spring Training so far, and caught the attention of many Jays staff including Gibby. Kid's a gamer, and competes everyday. Decent bat with mix of power, can defend well at all 3 OF positions, and has good speed as well.


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I'm willing to give Dominic Brown a chance. Looks like he's been putting in the work this off-season, and like you mentioned, the twenty-eight year old still has a lot of potential. Who knows, maybe he's just a very late bloomer.


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Judging from what I've seen during spring training, I'd give that spot to Darrell Ceciliani. But I'm pretty sure that Brown will get his shot some time during the season.


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Gibby seems to have gone with "His guy" at all the question mark spots. Closer, lead off, 4th OFer. Only one I agree with is the closer, but even that I wouldn't have been upset if Storen closed and they got Osuna around 100 innings in order to start him next year.