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Whose opinion matters to you the most?


Is there anybody whose opinions about most things matter to you the most?

For me it's my mom. She has a huge impact on things I try to do.
If I buy a clothe, I won't buy it if I don't ask for her opinion and if she's not with me, I either don't buy it at all or I try to guess if she would like it or not.

Today I took the lipsticks off 3 times because she didn't like any of them.
So I ended up going out without wearing any lipstick at all.

When I was little, she was the only one whose permission I asked for any trip out of the town, with my classmates.

And I'm sure, I won't have any boyfriend unless she approves of him.

I have this wrong idea in my head that she's right about everything and what she says is the only absolute.
I don't remember when was the last time I asked for dad's opinion. :(
In our family, he never gets the chance to be asked for/give opinions.


still nobody's bitch
Those friends of mine whom I consider to be my best friends. That's part of what makes them my best friends, because I know I can count on them to give me honest feedback, and that's why their opinions matter the most.


Problematic Shitlord

I don't say that to be pompous or self-important, but in my mind, if you don't have a strong, positive opinion about yourself at least in some respects, your confidence will suffer. I will always value my parents' and best friends' opinions above others but my own is most important because if I can't be proud of myself then why try?


Son of Liberty
I'd have to say my dad. With any big decision in my life I've gotten his feedback, because I know its an honest opinion and I know its what he thinks is in my best interest.


Registered Member
I am only beginning to believe in myself like Merc says, and I am only beginning to trust my decision making ability, but I still seeking the guidance and assurances from others. Where I live I have 3 people who I feel would not guide me in the wrong direction, my friends Elana, Tanya and Andrei, I go to them for reassurance and guidance a lot now.

As nice as it is to speak with my friends here about decisions I must make, I still seek a more "outside" view, and Jeanie from here at GF has been very understanding with me and I trust her advice a lot now.


Registered Member
I value the opinions of the shamans, apprentices, and students I met in Georgia, and those of my boyfriend (sometimes). I also try my best to please my grandmother, but she's convinced I've joined a cult and am wasting my life. My legal dad too, but I don't think he knows what to make of me:lol:


Sally Twit
My boyfriend. He will always be honest with me. Even if he knows I'm not going to want to hear it. And that is one of the many things I love about him.


Well-Known Member
I always talk to my mom about some things and get her feed back on important issues, that or I dont answer her calls for a long period of time and then she lets me have it when I finally do. But having her be the most important family member to me, I valuer her opinion a lot. Then I would have to say my two best friends and my boyfriends words of advice help me out a lot when I'm lost.



Registered Member
Whos opinion matters the most to me?
Mine! :D But I do trust advice from the dude that kept me from getting grounded twice and the two peeps that saved me from the 40 days 40 nights thread! There's also been members here at GF that really helped me out with advice (even when they didn't know it) and I def trust any advice I get from Impact, DaStevez, and a few others. :nod: But never from my brothers or my relatives!


Creeping On You
Well, my best friend Jay, his opinion matters. I consider him intellectual enough to offer a sound opinion of things. Also, when it comes to life things, I respect my mother's point of view on things. Generally though, I don't take people verbatum. I combine their ideas and suggestions, and try to come up with something that seems the smartest. I don't like to just follow word for word what people suggest.