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Whose death would cause the greatest stir?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Only including people older than 80 or known to be in poor health, whose death would lead to the biggest society stir?

Nelson Mandela and Muhammad Ali strike me as two eligible people whose deaths would create massive shock waves. Fidel Castro and Robert Mugabe would, as well, for very different reasons.

Twitter blows up over anyone's passing, but I think Michael J. Fox's death would really hit those in their 20s and 30s hard.


Registered Member
The first persons I can think of is Betty White or Regis Philbin.


Son of Liberty
I would have to agree with Nelson Mandela and Muhammed Ali. Both people that would make me feel bad. And Michael J. Fox, just because of all he has gone through and watching him on TV and in movies.


Sally Twit
The Queen I guess. Even people outside of the UK seem to have a lot of love for the Royals.
It would definitely be a dreadful day and I can't imagine what the atmosphere would be like outside.


Muhammad Ali is definitely the first one I thought of. His death would be huge news. I'd see it on every site I go to, as well as every news & sports station for days.

It'll be sad if/when Michael J. Fox passes... especially if it's in the near future.


No Custom Title Exists
Michael J. Fox's death would hit me hard because he is an amazing actor and I love Back to the Future, I am addicted to those movies and he did such a great job, I think I'll cry.

Obama's death is a worthy mention because he is the president of America and all that.


still nobody's bitch
I thought Billy Graham was already dead.

Remember last year when someone made a thread saying that Nelson Mandela had died? This person allegedly had it on good authority and it was completely false.

I would say Barack Obama. Most of us here weren't alive the last time a sitting President died.